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Muslim ritual? Need more info.

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    Can anyone give me more information about the following ritual which I've stumbled across on YouTube. It is utterly mesmerising to watch and listen to. From the comments it appears to be Muslim ritual.

    What are they chanting? Or is it a well known prayer?
    Is there a ' leader' that calls out or controls the chant?
    Whats the idea of running around in circles. Clockwise and anticlockwise.
    Is it a common ritual to all Muslims, or only certain countries?
    Why is there no women there?
    Why barefoot?
    The clapping and feet stamping is very rhythmic



  • I'm not an expert and hence take this with a big grain of salt as it's based on youtube comments but it's come up multiple times on various similar videos.
    Chechen variation of the Zikir, influenced by the Sufi tradition of meditation and sacred dance.
    They are doing Zikir. "Dzikir or Dhikr" is a praise to Allah which is repeated over and over again. The Zikir that Allah likes are Subhanallah (Allah is perfect), Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah), La Ilaha Ilallah (there is no god except Allah), and AllahuAkbar (Allah is the Greatest). I think this dance is a local tradition when doing Zikir. Maybe it keeps them focused and not sleepy while doing it. because each word of Zikir is usually repeated 33, 100 or even 1000 times.

  • Fascinating, thanks. Never seen anything like it.

  • This practice is considered heresy by mainstream Islam.

    8:35 And their prayer at the House [i.e., the Kaʿbah] was not except whistling and handclapping. So taste the punishment for what you disbelieved [i.e., practiced of deviations].