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Raceroom is superb now

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    So i have been playing a lot and testing various sims for the last month or so pretty extensively it has to be said with many hours gone into each one.
    But why? you might say.
    As we know racing sims unlike most other genres see many many years of updates and continued support so they often change dramatically over the years.

    Now they are all fantastic sims but i keep coming back to R3E and AMS2.
    RF2 while also fantastic in every way is such a chore to setup per car/track/series so ive more or less put it to one side for now.
    ACC feels so lacklustre to me compared to the others AMS2 and R3E where the cars are just more alive and fun to drive.
    ACC also has some input lag and in general i just find it on the boring side compared to the others.
    Considering both these sims offer 10x more cars and content and ACC specialises in GT3/4 sim it speaks volumes so it too is set to one side for now.

    AMS2 is superb and improving almost by the week so i simply cannot leave it :P so it too is getting some of my time.
    But R3E is the one i just keep coming back to.
    The FFB is just amazing infact it along with rf2 and AMS2 make my G29 feel like a much higher spec wheel which is saying something.
    Its had some big updates to the AI and FFB to a point where i firmly believe it is close to if not the the best all round sim there is.
    The AI is now without doubt the best in the business.
    They have also added ranked online racing and is actually attracting a lot of the iracing community lately.

    Right now its never looked or played so good, i highly recommend.

    Quick vid of a race tonight from back of the grid 50 odd cars @ Mid Ohio.