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Biological electricity?

  • 16-12-2020 3:53pm
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    The biological version - propagates an electrical wave, a pulse.

    Extrapolates and replicates itself in the organism biological pulsation itself,



    Standard electrical setup,


    Similar in that positive to negative charge ionic flow.

    The outcome of lighting a bulb or firing an action potential to initiate cell signalling is inconsequential.

    It's the principle of action that remains consistent - positive to negative ionic flow.

    The difference is - what?

    That's the thread question.

    Biological/organism function seems based on a kind of viscosity - again a kind of cellular organism, is a like a viscosity encapsulated by a membrane, said membrane separating the respective ionic charges allowing for electrical function, action potential propagation etc

    That organisms quality of functionality seems based on it's electrical integrity in some/all respects?


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    could you rephrase the question ?

    yes nerves work with electricity but it's a very low voltage

    some freshwater fish like the electric eels can deliver way higher voltages.

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    Low voltage is enough - though I strongly contend that voltage varies; we know how to modify it's signalling product, but not the voltage (or frequency/power of the voltage propagation) itself.

    Yeah I don't mean zapping anyone, certainly not in the conventional sense - like we're the great lord Raiden,


    No - electricity of excitatory cells is rather conservative however, slight variations/tweaking yield profound organism modifications (not least of all the signalling cascade resulting in gene expression variation).

    One theory I have been working on is the expression, "the air gets heavy" - like molasses, or rather - like plasma.

    Attributed historically to it being "all in the head", like a perceptive enigma with no physical base to it, which I simply don't believe.

    A sticky viscous quality to it.

    This reliably happens in times of "high tension", tempers running high..... etc.

    Voltage for plasma formation in electronics is kilovolts, neurons conduct in mVolts - so, obvious this isn't conventional plasma that's capable of conductance.


    What I'm saying is there's an unquestionable (yet uncharacterized) relationship between high Excitatory-Motion/Emotional states and neuron electrical conductance.
    E-motion, excitatory motion itself = electrical propagation - good feeling in positive emotional states almost certainly relative to signalling it induces (via transmitter discharge).

    Emotion = our "feelings", which is simply the nature of neural electricity at a point in time.
    Everything we "feel" being a nerve action potential.

    It obviously doesn't form glowing plasma but from a physics point of view, that "air goes heavy" feeling correlates directly with high emotional states and thus higher neural electrical activity.

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    What else - optic nerve depolarizations?

    Someone staring at you intensely - you can feel them, AmIRight?

    It's all electromagnetic waves via optic nerve depolarizations.


    Electricity has been perhaps the most revolutionary discovery of mankind, and subsequent technology is all based on it.

    So isn't it peculiar that we don't fully understand or in a sense have "discovered", the electrical nature of our own bodies?

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    Short article basically demonstrating that using electromagnetic interference implicates emotional social process.

    Neural electrical activity = emotion = "feelings", both experience and induction.

    Electromagnetism = all waves = quantum mechanics = physics (just highlighting this as the mod in health science saw fit to close my thread on physics vids related to biological molecular function).

    Physics is the underwriting principle of biology and everything else really.

    Physics = the law.