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What eating schedule does your baby/toddler have?

  • 28-10-2020 2:50pm
    Registered Users Posts: 186 ✭✭ SmallgirlBigcity

    I'm interested in other babies' or toddlers' eating schedules. My guy is 11 month old and his is:

    6.30am: wake and breastfeed
    8am: breakfast with water
    9.30am: water and then a nap
    11am: wake and about 4 ounces of cows milk and a snack.
    1pm: lunch with water
    2.30pm: water and then a nap
    4pm: wake and a breastfeed
    5.30pm: dinner with water
    7pm/7.30pm: bedtime routine of a bath and a breastfeed and bed.

    I plan to drop the breastfeed at 4pm in a few weeks, which leaves us with 2 breastfeeds per day.

    Just interested in what other babies his age are doing and what their eating schedules are like. How often should an 11/12 month old eat? Is it every 2 to 3 hours?



  • Never kept track. Breastfed on demand and when they were in solids they just ate with us and had a snack if hungry.

  • We have a just turned 1 year old and his schedule goes mostly

    10am wake - Breakfast with a cup of milk
    12.30 Nap until around 2pm
    3pm - 6 oz bottle of milk
    3.30ish - Snack maybe sandwich or yogurt some fruit
    6pm - Dinner with drink from a cup
    8pm - Bed with 6oz bottle

  • 11month old.

    Wakes at 630 and boobs.
    Porridge at 7.30
    Snack at 9am
    Bit of boob
    Nap at 10
    Lunch sometime between 12 and 1.
    She'll also eat chunks of anything anyone else is eating so its usually 3 courses.
    Boob whenever I show up.
    Bit more boob before nap.
    Nap at 2.30
    Snack at 4
    Boob when I finish work (5ish)
    Dinner at 6.
    Boob to Sleep 7.30
    She used to boob half the night but I stopped going in to her and she falls back asleep faster with no intervention so nothing overnight.

    She has water in a sippy cup whenever she eats.
    If I go to work she has an oz of bm twice during the day.
    She's an amazing eater.

    Polar opposite of my first who basically refused all food in spite of being clearly hungry. We'd usually forcefeed him yoghurt and peanut butter before bed to get something into him. Other than that he was on 25oz or do of formula + whatever boob he could get at this point.

  • 12 month old, bottle fed and we’ve always had a good routine that we adapt as baby’s appetite and energy levels change

    7:30-8:30 wakes. Breakfast and water
    9 nap
    12:30-1 lunch And water
    1:30 down for a nap
    5 dinner And water
    6:15 change for bed, bottle of formula (Moving this to cows milk soon)
    6:30 bed for the night

    Doesn’t look for snacks but eats 3 big meals a day.

  • 16 month old

    7 - wake
    7:30 - bowl of porridge with cows milk
    8:30 - half slice of toast with butter and jam
    9:30 - nap
    11 - snack (usually fruit/berries/yogurt)
    1 - lunch
    1:30 - nap
    3:30 - snack
    5:30 - dinner (something with protein and veg)
    6:30-7 - bed

    She has a water bottle she sips away at (and spatters on the floor!) throughout the day. Had a cows milk bottle before bed until two weeks ago, which she kinda weaned herself off by throwing strops. Probably because she has a (then) 5 week old sister and thought bottles are for babies

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  • 16 month old

    08:00ish wake
    1.5 Weetabix and a banana
    10:00 snack
    13:00 lunch
    14:00ish to 16:00ish nap with 7 ounces cows milk
    16:15 snack
    18:00 dinner
    19:00 bed with 7 ounces cows milk

    Water throughout the day

    Edit - any negative feedback on the Weetabix every morning? My Mother said it could be hard on his tummy but it didn't result in any issues with his stool.

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