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Boardsies decide best music albums of all-time.

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    *Got permission from Mod lordgoat to make this thread here.

    Since February, I have been running this, original thread here:

    Boardsies decide greatest music album of all-time.

    I have had 40 contributions from various members, a list of whom are located here. (Check the list because you might have forgotten you're on it).

    Submissions close on Sept. 7th and the countdown will run on 10th September.

    People send me their top 10 favourite albums of all-time via PM in numbered order of preference. Then, with a scoring system ( 10 points for number 1, 9 points for number 9, down to 1 point for number 10 etc. as well as some extra points for each nomination) I will add up the totals and run a countdown of the top 50 music albums of all-time here on boards in Forum Game Tournaments.

    So if you're on-board, PM me your choice of favourite album of all-time or a number of your favourite albums of all-time (top 2, top 3, top 4, top 10-it doesn't matter)-just make sure it's no more than 10 and in numbered order of preference.

    You can also provide reasons for your choices and I will include all those commentaries in the countdown, along with youtube video of the full album, its placings and points total, a list of members who chose it, its chart peak, its singles etc.

    I know it's quite hard to decide favourites and its not definitive but it's a bit of fun and worth a go.

    Remember send me a private message with your top 10 of all-time in numbered order, or alternately, just your favourite album or your top 3 etc.

    Only one rule:

    No Greatest Hits Albums allowed.

    Contribution appreciated, thanks.