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Coronavirus and Mental Health

  • 16-03-2020 8:52pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3 cathalreilly89

    I have read some coverage on how the Coronavirus can effect your mental health. While the effects of the Coronavirus are devastating to countries (like Ireland) and individuals, I have not found that it has impacted my mental health. However, I do realize the impact it could potentially have on our mental health.

    Fear and anxiety can be stressful and have a negative impact on our health. While, this blog is not an advice medium, I have found that talking about your worries to people you trust can be helpful in times like this. Voice your warranted and informed worries and fears with your family, friends, partners or those around you. I have found in the past that this has helped with my personal stress and anxieties.

    I am not sure how helpful it is to scroll through social media articles and columns even though I am a culprit for this myself. We are being bombarded by news headlines on a daily basis as it is but there is a certain level of “fear-mongering” taking place on social media around the virus and I would avoid Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc until the virus has run its course. Why not watch a movie instead – get the popcorn at the ready and sit back and let your mind take the focus off your anxieties around this devastating virus.

    While, the virus has and continues to have serious effects on the world, just remember to keep yourself safe during this time for this too shall pass.

    I have found the following articles useful in respect to mental health and the coronavirus: HSE website article on same. Thanks.