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I'm getting a PC for SETI

  • 25-02-2020 6:14am
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    It's seems like a great time to be involved. Funding is going up, technology has gotten better. Seems to be our best chance of finding life similar to us.

    Anyone else leaving a dedicated PC run for SETI? And if not. Why not?


  • Registered Users Posts: 201 ✭✭ Jack Five

    Looks interesting, must check it out, thanks Smiles.

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    I have a few servers set up to allocate resources to [email protected]

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    Well, I have my PC. Only an I3 in it at the moment but I'll have an I7 in it soon.

    Must admit my bubble burst a little after some recent investigation.

    Our 'leakage' radio chatter only goes out so far and degrades. So that means our chances of picking up random signals is next to nil at this time. It would have to be intentional transmitting out. And I simply don't know enough about radio to tell how feasible intentional is.
    NoDrama wrote: »
    I have a few servers set up to allocate resources to [email protected]

    You must have some knowledge of the medical field to know this is worthwhile. You should do a little write-up and promotion. Might get more helpers.

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    Wow! [email protected] is still going. I remember running it on a number of 486’s around 20 years ago and uploaded the finished workloads over 56k modems.

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    me too, had it as a screensaver on my PII; as to why not now - leaving a PC running just for SETI seems like a waste of space and electricity, and most importantly i wouldn't do it simply because of the carbon footprint.

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    They are stopping giving out work for SETI for the moment.

    Of all the luck.:rolleyes: