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Microsoft event October 2nd

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    Rumours are that this one might have some surprises, and will certainly have some big news as Satya Nadella will be in attendance (he wasn't there last year for their more routine hardware refresh event).

    What's likely:
    + New Surface Pro (possibly with USB C)
    + New Surface Laptop (possibly an AMD powered model)
    + New Surface Book

    What's possible:
    + New Surface earbuds (I have the Headphones and they're superb, so I'm interested in what these are like)
    + A mini-speaker device designed for usage with MS Teams
    + Foldable tablet, codenamed Centaurus - the leaks have been very vague with this one (MS are running a tight ship these days), but there's some info out there and we might finally see that Courier dream realised.
    + New Surface Go - I'm more hopeful about this than anything else, but I'd love to see a version of this device with an ARM processor, as Windows ARM is now a very capable OS.

    Unlikely, but who knows:
    + Software stuff - I'm hoping to hear more about Windows Core OS (hopefully more adaptive UIs for different device types), and I'm quite excited by the notion of them doing more with Android via Launcher and other apps.

    It's basically never going to happen at this event but - I'd kill for Microsoft to just build a Surface Phone with Android too at this point, but I think they'd want to spend a few more years working on Launcher to get to a point where they have more of a fully-fledged fork of Android for themselves.