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Amp for singer/guitarist at a wedding

  • 30-04-2019 9:23pm
    Registered Users Posts: 16 ✭✭✭ Cfaherty

    I’m doing a few songs at a wedding this summer and I’m looking for the best way to amplify the sound. I was hoping for a vocal channel, a guitar channel and then I have a small stompbox that ideally I would like to connect too- any suggestions?
    I’ve noticed most amps only have 2 channels so would I not be able to connect the stompbox too then?


  • If you're using an acoustic guitar, you're probably better off using a small 4 channel mixer into a powered speaker. When you say stompbox, do you mean an effects box for the guitar, or something else?

  • Hey! Thanks for your response - the stompbox I have is literally just a small wooden box with a pickup inside that is plugged in - you just tap your foot but it sounds quite big like a kick drum.
    If I were to get a small 4 channel mixer and a speaker I could have a vocal, keyboard, guitar and stompbox going through the speaker- would that be too much do you think?
    Thanks for your help!

  • That would be spot on.

  • Na, a little mixer and a powered speaker is your best bet here. That way, you can control the mix so your stomp box doesn't overpower your vocals for example. with should be enough to get you started, though there are many other choices, varying in price.

  • Hi thanks for your response, sorry for late reply. Just wondering would I need to get a power amp too to connect to the speaker? I’m a bit clueless about these things..

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  • Not if it's a powered speaker (The one I linked to is)

  • Have you ever used a stompbox before? How did you amplify it?