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Current weather conditions - April 2019.



  • Windy and damp this morning in Dublin 16. Not too wet...spitting...just 0.2mm recorded. 11.0c atm.

  • Raining in Arklow

  • Raining, 15.0mm since Midnight, Temp 10.6c

  • Sunny and windy in Dublin 16. 13.8c atm.

  • DOCARCH wrote: »
    Sunny and windy in Dublin 16. 13.8c atm.


    11.8C and persistent cloud here all day so far. No rain though.

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  • Mobhi1 wrote: »

    Yip....quite nice actually. There are dark clouds all round though.

  • Partly cloudy, some wind too. :)

    Current data for Mayo/Roscommon boundary (inaccurate)
    30 Apr 2019 15:50:22

    Temperature (°C):
    Current 14,4
    Trend (per hour) +0,2
    Average today 11,1
    Wind chill 14,4
    Heat Index 14,4
    Dew Point 2,3
    Rel Humidity 44%

    Wind (km/h):
    Current Gust 0,0 ---
    Average Speed 0,0 ---

    Rainfall (mm):
    Current rate 0,0
    Last hour 0,0
    Total today 6,3
    Total yesterday 0,0
    Total this month 143,5
    Total this year 706,9

    Pressure (hPa):
    Current 1011,8
    Trend (per hour) -0,1

  • DOCARCH wrote: »
    Yip....quite nice actually. There are dark clouds all round though.

    I can't remember the last time I saw sunshine. I think it was Saturday. We've just had a little spot of rain. Nothing measurable though. It's 12.1C now.

  • Decent afternoon here in this part of Dublin (Dublin 16) with a mostly sunny afternoon. High of 14.8c. 11.7c atm. Some light rain this morning but just 0.2mm recorded.

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  • Final stats for April, for Dublin 16.

    Mean Max: 13.0c
    Mean Min: 5.4c
    Mean: 9.2c

    Max temp: 23.2c (20th)
    Min temp: -0.6c (11th)

    Air Frosts: 2 days
    Snow (or Sleet) Falling: 0 days
    Snow Lying (at 0900): 0 days
    Thunder Heard: 1 day

    Total Rain (0000-0000): 50.8mm
    Rain Days: 17
    Max Rain Day (0000-0000): 13.0mm (04th)
    Max Rain Rate: 8.4mm/hr (08th)

    Highest air pressure: 1031mb (20th)
    Lowest air pressure: 987mb (04th, 25th & 27th)

    Average air pressure at 0900: 1012mb

  • Palmfield City weather summary for April 2019:

    Temperature (°C):
    Mean (1 minute) 9,2
    Mean (min+max) 10,1
    Mean Minimum 5,0
    Mean Maximum 15,2
    Minimum 0,6 day 07
    Maximum 24,3 day 19
    Highest Minimum 9,8 day 23
    Lowest Maximum 4,9 day 14
    Air frosts 0

    Rainfall (mm):
    Total for month 143,5
    Wettest day 28,7 day 14
    High rain rate 25,2 day 26
    Rain days 15
    Dry days 15

    Wind (km/h):
    Highest Gust 39,2 day 25
    Average Speed 0,0
    Wind Run 1,0 km
    Gale days 0

    Pressure (hPa):
    Maximum 1024,0 day 20
    Minimum 979,2 day 26

    Days with snow falling 2
    Days with snow lying at 0900 2