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Has comedy just turned into glorified Ted Talks/shock jocks (At least on Netflix)

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    I had a bit of time on my hands and went through a lot of stuff on Netflix, Bill Hicks, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, The Degenerates, Comedians of the World , even Sam Kinsion!

    I can honestly say that Bill Burr is the only one who can make me laugh consistently. Otherwise I have noticed that the comedy on Netflix seems to verve between 'glorified shock jocks' who curse and shout a lot.
    (The Degenerates)
    Or the other type which is a 'glorified TED talks' a person talking about thier problems/life rambling on with little or no jokes.
    Mae Martin in particular on 'Comedians of the World' was one of these eventually I had forgotten she was supposed to be making me laugh!
    (Edit- I did a bit of research after I create this post and Martin already knows her 'comedy' is veering towards the TED talk route - ironically that made me laugh)

    Is there any unique comedians with an interesting and most importantly funny take on things that I should be looking at instead?
    I have already seen Billy Connolly and his protege Kevin Bridges who are very good on other mediums. Also Dave Allen who was great in his day.
    But is there any comedians like them left?