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Aspire Zelos 50W Vape Kit

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    My wife has been using various over the counter e-cigs from ones that look like a cigarette (gamucci) to more recently the aquavape series 1.

    She uses the aquavape with 18ml tobacco flavor liquid from the local shop and seems to be regularly having to replace the top.

    I have ordered her the Aspire Zelos 50W Vape Kit having done some reading on here and also some extra 1.8ohm coils.

    So what's next as this mod seems to have a lot of settings to choose from. Will the user manual explain all this or what would you suggest? I assume she can continue to use the same liquid she has been?

    All advice and guidance welcome.


  • The kit should have a simple manual explaining how to operate the device itself.

    The 1.8 coils are rated at 10-14W from what I've seen, so install the coil and put a drop of eliquid in the middle to "prime" the coil. Then fill up the tank and leave it sitting for 5-10 mins so it can soak up all the liquid. Start at the lower wattage level or just below and work your way up until you feel like it's producing a nice vape for you, but as a beginner the 10-14W range should be suitable.

    18mg liquid is ok to start, if it seems too harsh then try 12mg.

  • Exactly what Phil M said. It's this kit that got me off them. Find the sweet spot in the 10-14w range and thats it. You don't need to play around with any settings.. it's a great little kit, great life on the mod and you can't go wrong with the nautilus 2 tank - just don't overfill it.

  • The only thing I'd add is that it has air holes too. So together with the power setting you can change the amount of air going in to get a tighter drag if you want.

    A kit like this is really the way to go. You can bump it up or down a little bit until you get it just right. (Let's call it the goldilocks setting :D )