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Newspaper Deliveries

  • 21-11-2018 7:41pm
    Registered Users Posts: 9,018 ✭✭✭ YFlyer

    I have decided to deliver newspapers in Limerick City to get some pocket money while I'm writing up my thesis.

    Have anyone delivered newspapers door to door around a city or town?

    How long would it normally take you to deliver close to 400 newspapers?



  • How far apart are the suscribers?

    My papers are delivered in a car, at the crack of dawn (I work sufficiently random hours to be up sometimes). As far as I can see, they deliver to me and to someone on the main road opposite (who I told about deliveries and had to phone as they didn't realise his non estate address was so close to the town)

    So two papers requires two stops and driving time between. That is likely to be the case with any delivery other than a freesheet

    For freesheets, driveway length, letterbox height and whether you obey no junk mail signs can make huge differences in time

  • The papers appear to be freesheets as every house in each estate is down on the list.

    The housing estates are along and off the golf link road in Castletroy, Limerick. According to Google Maps it looks like are all relatively close together.

    I will most likely cycle the route on Saturday to get an idea.

  • I can flyer about 200 houses an hour for political purposes. Long driveways, no shared driveways, mix of letterbox heights including ground level. Papers go in easier than flyers and when I've done modern estate with tiny drives or doors beside each other it's about twice as fast

  • I don't know what the mass of the Limerick Leader free newspaper is. Weighed a copy of the Limerick Post and it is 240g. 387 papers would come to 93 Kg.

    With a density of say 1.5 cc/gm would equal to a volume of 140,000 cubic centimeters or the volume of 140 litres of water.

    Been on foot that be an nightmare.

    For €29, I'm out.