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Old wife's tales :)

  • 21-08-2003 6:38pm
    Registered Users Posts: 10,715 DMC

    So whats the best, or most accuarate old wife's tale there is?

    Red sky at night, shepard's delight?

    St. Swithin's Day?

    What ones have you've heard, or believe to have an element of truth?


  • Hmmm,
    my mum always says when the train is really loud that it's a sign of rain .

    And it's true, it does happen!


  • Jeez there are so many of them but where to start..

    The red sky at night shepards delight,
    Red sky in morn shepards warn..

    If the moon is a shade of orange at night then going to be
    a very warm day the next day.... (apparently)

    Cows all huddling together in a field is a sign of rain.. (apparently)

    there's a lot more but just cant think of them.. :D


  • That one about when you see grey clouds in the sky that it's going to rain. Ludricrous altogether :D

  • Here's two in relation to late spring and determining what the summer will be like:

    oak before ash; not a splash
    ash before oak; due for a soak

    It refers to budding ash and oak tress of course. Obviously.

    It's generally true as well which is mad.

    Another is if you see dolphins swimming close to the bay, it's going to be a hot summer. This usually applies to the western seaboard only. There aren't many dolphins in the Irish sea, unless some cod have transmogrified into dolphins becasue of radioactive efflouent coming from Sellafield.

    Also, the whole red sky at night thing is scientifically true - but I can't remember the explanation - I saw it on da telly once. Something to do with light reflections and high pressure. Or something.

  • Red sky at night, shepards delight (nice day to follow)
    Red sky in the morning sailers warning (day will turn to rain).

    Genrally founf these 2 to be true.

    Cows lie down in a field - it will rain.

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  • A wet and windy may fills the Barns with corn and hay.

    Generally true, but a couple of dry days at harvest time, would be needed!


  • Well you got the dry days didn't you?

    Honestly you fellas are never happy. ;)

  • Originally posted by ToxicPaddy
    Cows all huddling together in a field is a sign of rain.. (apparently)

    Yeah they definitely have a tendency to huddle in facing each other when it's going to rain, as opposed to just facing anywhere.

    Well at least the ones I see every day do. :)

  • Another sign of rain is when the grass is covered in spiders webs.
    It can be a fine day when you see that, but apparently it's a sign of rain, probably in the next day or two.