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The Tremonti Project



  • Brum,Edinburgh,Manc,Bristol and London

  • Not going to lie, I am disappointed.

  • Tremonti added to next June's Download Festival


  • Few decent bands there in that lineup I must say. :D

  • Dust Artwork & Track Listing


    Dust track listing:

    01. My Last Mistake
    02. The Cage
    03. Once Dead
    04. Dust
    05. Betray Me
    06. Tore My Heart Out
    07. Catching Fire
    08. Never Wrong
    09. Rising Storm
    10. Unable To See

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  • Looks a bit like Fortress :D

  • Teaser for DUST :D

    The song playing in the teaser is called Catching Fire

  • Oh this is going to be GOOD!!!!! :D

  • Seeing at Graspop but noticed;

    Tremonti playing Limelight 2, Belfast, Tues 14th of June tickets already on sale (£20), early show. Looking at tour dates another date elsewhere on this Island highly unlikely.

  • Title track for the new album :D

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  • Marked (geddit) improvement on vocals since the first album. :D

  • I've been listening to My Last Mistake for the last hour. F**king tune.

  • Lads, I've got my hands on Dust!!!

    (I also had to get a portable DVD player to listen to it on because I generally use Spotify. I was gonna buy one soon anyway, and it was only £25.)

  • Currently downloading it now :D, will be picking up a physical copy at some point down the line :D

  • Pro-shot footage of the band's set at Graspop Metal Meeting yesterday.

  • Lithium93_ wrote: »
    Pro-shot footage of the band's set at Graspop Metal Meeting yesterday.

    I was somewhere in the crowd :D

  • How Master Of Puppets changed my life, by Mark Tremonti

    Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti on how Metallica's 1986 classic soundtracked his teenage years.
    My older brother Dan was a fan of Metallica before me. I was in fifth grade, and it was considered strange to listen to Metallica at that age. I'd hear him listening to Master Of Puppets upstairs a lot.

    One night, I couldn't sleep, so I ran upstairs and stole it from his tape collection and put my stereo on my bed next to me. Then I just listened to it all night. I remember that specific night as being when I transformed into a music fan. That's what it did for me. He never got the album back. I still have the tape – although I've probably paid for about eight copies too.

    When I heard the opening bars of Battery it completely blew my mind. The whole album made me a believer. I like that it was heavy and brutal at some points, but that it was so beautiful at others. And I loved the way they had their finger-picked, clean, classical-influenced versions and then beat you over the head with the electric guitar in the chorus. It was like a heavy metal concerto; almost as if Bach had come down and assisted a metal band in writing an incredible album.

    Everything about it was done exquisitely, but I'd say my favourite track is Orion. Whenever I hear that song, it reminds me of painting my parents' porch at our home in Chicago.

    think losing Cliff Burton affected Metallica greatly. They were the world's greatest band when they had Cliff Burton. They were still good with Jason Newsted, but it wasn't the same. All their covers – the Garage Days records – were incredible though. And I loved ...And Justice For All.

    I'd probably still play air guitar to Master Of Puppets. And I did learn to play pretty much every song. I started playing guitar around the time I heard it. The first riff I worked out as Welcome Home (Sanitarium).

    For me, it was all about James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. Who did I prefer? That depends whether you're into speedy solos or kick-ass rhythms. I like both. They complement each other. I think there's some of the best rhythm guitar work in the world on that album. Hetfield was obviously the rhythm player, but they both played rhythm, so...

    Sometimes when I'm running or working out, I'll throw it on and it'll get me going. But in total, I must have played it at least 1000 times...

  • It's that time again.. #writing #jamming #tremonti


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  • According to Mark, album #4
    I think it should be [released] May 26, I believe. We haven't even gotten into the studio yet, but the plan is, right around that date and we'll be going into the studio mid-to-late January.

  • Album #4 will be titled A Dying Machine, the band have signed to Napalm Records.

  • Interesting title :)

  • Playing Dublin in July the night before Sons of Apollo. Should be deaf on July 05th :P:P:P


  • A Dying Machine drops in June.


  • rednik wrote: »
    Playing Dublin in July the night before Sons of Apollo. Should be deaf on July 05th :P:P:P


    Think I'm seeing them support Maiden in Italy a few days later, should be good!

  • rednik wrote: »
    Playing Dublin in July the night before Sons of Apollo. Should be deaf on July 05th :P:P:P


    Think I'm seeing them support Maiden in Italy a few days later, should be good!

  • Album press release, track listing and 30 second teaser.
    Tremonti, the band comprised of Mark Tremonti on vocals/guitars, Eric Friedman on guitars, and Garrett Whitlock on drums, will release its fourth full-length album, "A Dying Machine", on June 8 via Napalm Records. The disc was produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette, who has helmed all previous Tremonti albums along with Alter Bridge's last four long-players.

    From the militant drum assault of the album opener "Bringer Of War" to the instrumental closer "Found", "A Dying Machine" is Tremonti's most-diverse musical offering to date. Songs like "From The Sky", "Throw Them To The Lions" and "A Lot Like Sin" are signature Tremonti that fans have come to love from the trio. Tracks like "Trust", "The First The Last" and "Desolation" take the listener to new places sonically, all backed by Tremonti's signature vocal style.

    A teaser video with music from the album can be seen below.

    "A Dying Machine" is the first concept album of Tremonti's career and the music is inspired by a story that came to Mark while on the last Alter Bridge tour. During that time, the epic title track "A Dying Machine" was born. The story, which is being turned into a full-length work of fiction authored by Mark Tremonti and John Shirley, takes place at the turn of the next century where humans and fabricated beings called "vessels" are trying to co-exist. Tremonti and Shirley are working on finishing the novel to release alongside the record.

    01. Bringer Of War
    02. From The Sky
    03. A Dying Machine
    04. Trust
    05. Throw Them To The Lions
    06. Make It Hurt
    07. Traipse
    08. The First The Last
    09. A Lot Like Sin
    10. The Day When Legions Burned
    11. As The Silence Becomes Me
    12. Take You With Me
    13. Desolation
    14. Found

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  • Well on board with this track, Next track "Take you with me" is coming out Monday, It's out there on Sirius if you can't wait till then appears to be the most melodic he's sprung for vocal wise.