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The WTF Electrical Photo Thread - NO CHAT - JUST PICS - Read post #1 before posting



  • Is post 39 in the UK/EU? Thats odd looking block work/Blocks.

    My drill just wanted to know...

  • Tuco88 wrote: »
    Is post 39 in the UK/EU? Thats odd looking block work/Blocks.

    Czech Republic.

  • IMG_6616.jpg

    Not the most beautiful panel, but there are other issues: Single core conductors carrying AC current should not pass through a ferrous metal plate.... :eek:

  • Stolen from YLYL


  • halogen spots spray foamed in position in attic conversion had turned the foam black all around the spot and transformer

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  • 31752474847_087462a222_b.jpg

    I was at a FAT today at a well known facility and saw the above, so I had to ask a few questions.

    So what is it?
    One large custom built variable speed drive for a single motor (to be installed on a site in Ireland). The motor in question is 2.8 MW. The 3 phase output from the VSD is 690V. It takes two supples from a dedicated 6kV / 690V transformer, hence the 2 air circuit breakers. This transformer provides 2 its our output windings, one is star wound and one delta wound. This provides a 30 degree phase shift between the 2 outputs which is good for harmonic reduction (THD is just 12%). Once both supplies have been rectified they are connected to a common DC bus, then to a 5 paralleled R8i units which provide the variable frequency 3 phase 690V output to the motor. Interestingly the transformer output has no earth reference, therefore the motor does not either.

  • 45969270644_ffb1903dd4_b.jpg

    The internals of a small ABB VSD that shorted internally due to the ingress of moisture.

  • Generally speaking we don't get to see busbar like this, I just happened to be present during the panel build so I took a quick photo. This particular example is rated for 4000 A. Parts of it were c & c machined. Excellent work IMHO.


  • 47213500862_9a56c6acf7.jpg

    Last minute checks of a tidal turbine before deployment.

  • I have just returned from Cuba. The standard of their electrical installations is pretty poor, but it is interesting as it illustrates just how much it is possible to get away with for those willing to take the risk.

    The electrics shown in the next 3 photos are all installed outdoors and somehow continue to function:




    I really like the way that they give you a choice of 110 or 220V socket outlets. What I find odd is that the sockets are identical, so there is nothing stopping a person from plugging a 110V device into a 220V socket. These ones are "posh" because they some with stickers, most don't. If you are lucky the voltage may be written in pencil above the outlet.


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  • 7gLoTZf.jpg

  • 4HLuBNN.jpg

    I've invented a new kind of fuseless fly lead called "The Welder's Buddy!"