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Medical Doctor Transition to Finance/Accounting


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    worked with a lad who went in the opposite direction

    He went from accountant to pharmacy.

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    There are some conversion courses in many of the colleges.

    Would it be possible for you to do something part time?

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    I went from Software Engineering to Accountancy. I seem to be a magnet for startups at the moment. I started out with the CPA Business and Accounting course. Now I'm working towards the remaining 12 exams and experience in my new job starting soon.

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    There’s a postgrad accounting masters in GMIT Galway which might be of interest to you depending on where in the country you are? Can I ask what is making you move from medicine? Seems like a great job from the outside looking in; I have thought of making the move as a mature student to medicine myself.

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    You've just done 7 years becoming a doctor so you need to be sure what frying pan you next jump into!

    Logically if you want to move awway from hands on medecine you need to find a role taht is still medecine related but not as directly - this coud be in Health Policy, Hospital Management, Pharmaceuticals business etc.

    So if you try and do accountancy it will take several years and you will lose income - you may also never qualify as tehre are many exams and the answers are 'nit picky' - cleveness doesn't cut it.

    So do an MBA. This taeks 1 year full time or 2 years part time. A number of Dor's do it - one I saw recently in paper was a London based Consultant who flew over to Smurfit to do teh cours part time and si now working outside the hospital.

    MBA also gives you more options - you are business trained generally and coudl jump into marketing. Accountants don't do that. Also for Finance it can be very mathematical, so engineers find it easy, accountants less so.

    If you have the money pick a prestigious MBA Course such as INSEAD and get a language as well, or go for a US based one but will cost you a fortune and you'll work like a dog in the US, or go to good UK university.

    If you still want to do accountancy afte the MBA you can do all the exams part time and then get a practicing cert for NON-AUDIT work if you haev relevant experience for two years.

    If you want to Audit/have an acocuntancy practice tehn you need practice experience in an accountants for 1-2 years as well as doing teh Internal Audit Module and papers related directly to Irish Tax Standards etc .

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    This post has been deleted.

    In terms of getting into business/finance, as a general rule, accountancy is considered the best qualification to have. Nearly all of the CEO's in large organisations are accountants because they understand financials better than most other professions.

    I'd suggest going straight into your professional exams. There's no point in doing a diploma or transition course as you already have a medical degree so you are used to studying and preparing for professional exams.

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    I have just completed an MBA (in Trinity) and would probably advise it for you. It is quite finance heavy, with option to do significant financial optional module and so think it would give you a good all round basis for what you are looking for.
    Trinity MBA seems to have more of a financial element than Smurfit.
    There are many frustrating aspects to the Trinity MBA - but for what you are looking for I think it would be helpful.