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So I have no friends but i wanna paintball.

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    The guys at ODD.IE are 20 minutes away from me, but they have a minimum group size of 8. So I'm kinda screwed on that regard cuz I don't know that many people.

    Anyone looking for an extra guy for a shootout?


  • Speaking as a Paintballer, I'd recommend if you want a regular skirmish then to pick up Airsoft. Special Ops in Wicklow have a game every Sunday and offer rentals. You'll get a day out for less than €35 I think, even less if you bring your own kit. They have a very large game on July 1st and 2nd.

    If you really want to play Paintball, check out Capital Paintball. There are a few guys who play regularly but you'll need to give them a call to see when, its certainly not a large movement.

    Down the country, your options are really slim to be frank.

  • Never thought about Airsoft. Always seemed kinda boring without the splatter. What's your take?

  • Kensei wrote: »
    Never thought about Airsoft. Always seemed kinda boring without the splatter. What's your take?

    I've played both and they both have their merits to be honest. Airsoft is vastly more appealing in Ireland however as the number of players shows. More sites, lower cost of entry, cheaper cost for on going gaming, no firearm licensing, huge choice of kit, more realistic games.

    The debate has been done to death but I'd say play both and make your choice. But if you want to game regularly, at least for now, you'll be playing airsoft.

    For the cost of some petrol and €35 all in, I'd suggest you wander up to a site some weekend and have a game. I know I'm half plugging again, but the next big game is in Special Ops on July 1st and 2nd, I'd say it will be cracking.

  • Just an idea - why don't you join a meetup group (, one that does stuff like this and ask them to pop it up?

    You'll likely get a few people going then.