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Looking for pointers/criticism on mix for first single


  • paul.fitz wrote: »
    I recorded this track in a home made studio on my own so I think it's needs another set of ears to spot if theirs anything I've done wrong and I might be oblivious to.
    Would appreatiate some feedback!

    I really like this. Sounds pretty good for a home production. There's others on here better qualified to give technical mixing advice (plus, I'm listening on crappy headphones at the minute).

    It's a good song. I'd make a few comments about the mix:
    • Vocal seems a bit lost - needs to be brought up (compare it to the other 2 tracks on your Soundcloud)
    • Kick drum feels way too busy for an acoustic song like this
    • That left / right panning acoustic pluck is very distracting

    I listened to your other stuff too - very good. "Without You" is a great commercial sounding track.

  • Vocal is a bit muddy to my ears and the room sound or reverb used doesn't gel with the rest of the track.
    Kick is way too busy and clicky.
    I'm guessing the guitars were recorded directly out of the piezo?
    They're plasticy and dry as a result. Arrangement wise, I'd be looking for more tonal elements, it gets a bit repetitive sonically.

  • Hey Paul,
    I'm listening while writing this and a couple of things are standing out for me,
    all your instruments including drums are trying to be that lead sound, too upfront causing a lot of clashing in the 1-5khz range and its the vocal that losing the most.

    The stereo width needs to be improved to provide more space, to many elements are to close to the center and add the clash in the 1-5khz range there is a big fight for space.

    So you need to decide which sounds are leads and which are background and EQ'ed, paned and add reverb accordingly, you have space in the mid/low mid that can be used to place some of the elements.

    Because it a smooth sounding vocal I'd cut some of the higher frequency's of the guitars and have them more in the mid freq's and a bit wider sitting behind the vocal, so there more supporting vocal than overpowering it. This will push the vocal forward without losing that smooth sound.

    I think the drums are to busy for the track also and the kick could do with a small cut in those higher freq's

    Hope I'm not being to long winded or negative about it, it's a good track and there is a crisp sound to your recording,
    but don't be afraid to make small cuts at important frequency's to let the lead sound and the especially vocal through,
    Just mt opinion hope it helps

  • Sounds really good! You could definitely release this, but if you're looking to polish it a bit, then I'd tend to agree with the others about the kick drum- it's just a small bit too clicky... just slide the highs off a tiny bit. Also, maybe push some of the highs in the vocals up a tiny bit too. These two changes could improve the overall clarity of the song.

  • Pretty nice mix. On this particular set of speakers the vocals seem loud, I know someone above they were lost but on this particular set of small speakers they are dominate. The guitar seems very clean, you should be happy with that. Curious, Is the drums triggers? they seem abit basic. No use of hats or cymb. over all not bad all. Enjoyable music too!

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