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MMA Trainer in Dublin

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    Hi, can anybody recommend the best way to recruit MMA trainers?

    I am looking for quality trainers to teach combat classes two evenings per week and one Saturday morning to group classes in public parks around the city.

    All advice or interest from individuals would be very much appreciated.



  • Do you mean actual MMA classes or MMA inspired fitness classes?

  • Clive wrote: »
    Do you mean actual MMA classes or MMA inspired fitness classes?

    Hi Clive, inspired is more accurate. The classes will use gloves and pads to teach the skills of Muay Thai in combinations - arm and leg work. No body contact.

  • Might be easier to find a fitness instructor that teaches something like the Les mills Bodycombat classes. Check out the fitness clubs in your area, might be a handy nixer for somebody

  • Yeah I totally agree with Cletus. There are plenty of MMA / kickboxing coaches who would love the money but they would not be insured or certified etc and could lead to a lot of hassle. Would be much better looking for a PT who does cardio kickboxing or similar. Plus most people doing those classes would not want to learn correct technique etc and would rather just get in a work out.