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How much should I budget for an 18th party?

  • 12-06-2017 5:54pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 Dagzii2910

    So I'm turning 18 in November and my parents insisted on a big party for the occasion. We had talked about having the party be quite large about 100-150 people but if it's quite expensive, I'm willing to scale it down.

    We dont know how to budget it because we don't know the average cost for birthdays like these. If anyone had a big 18th birthday, how much did you's budget for it and what venues did you's have it in? Any nice venues out there in North /Central Dublin that do nice 18th parties at a good value? (Since many venues don't do 18th birthdays) Any advice i's greatly appreciated 😊


  • Welcome to Boards Dagzii2910.

    Your thread isn't really suited to the Dublin County North forum, I think it will do much better in the Gift & Festivity & Party Ideas forum so I'll move it in there and hopefully you'll get plenty of advice :)