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Endurance Racing 2017+

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    I think its time to start a new thread with the WEC prologue about to kick off at Monza,

    LMP1 will be strange without Audi but hey, we still have Toyota and Porsche and regulation changes that seem to be paving the way for a return of Peugeot and to aid privateers (although i don't see how privateers will ever compete with the factory LMP1 hybrids).

    LMP2 Should be interesting this year with new much faster cars and standard (unreliable so far in the IMSA championship) Gibson engine and also with Rebellion racing entering two cars in the already ultra competitive championship.

    GTE PRO/AM should be as competitive as ever, great to see Ireland's own Matt Griffin back and driving the Clearwater racing Ferrari in GTE AM.

    So to Get things started Both factory LMP1 teams Unveiled there 2017 Challengers today