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Hike in construction costs - is the boom back?



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    hawkwind23 wrote: »
    Just be careful OP.
    I work as a tradesman and there seem to be a lot of builders out there attached to architects, they have the fancy website and graphic designed livery on the new vans but the quality of the work is shocking.
    These tend to be high end projects.
    My advice would be to focus on quality control , maybe an independent clerk of works.
    Price is the least of your worries if you end up with a build full of problems.

    +1. I have experience in this area. The lowest price is probably to good to be true but just because a builder charges more doesn't mean the work will be better.

    Shop around. If you know people who have had work done before and are happy, that's worth it's weight in gold.

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    tomcrows wrote: »
    Surely it makes sense to get a minimum of 3 prices to make a sensible comparison. It is important to get a clearly defined specification at the outset so each contractor is pricing for the same requirements and make sure they are doing exactly that. It is up to you and your architect to ensure there are as few provisional costs as possible.

    I recently got 4 prices back for a full renovation with new two storey extension in Dublin. Price ranged from 215 to 300.

    You can potentially reduce costs by removing kitchen, or painting, or flooring from a tender offer and arranging that yourself.

    statistically back in the day you received a market price on your property if you received back 5 tenders. It was seen as a good average spread at this level of the market cost of your project. My experience would tend to agree with it as generally the spread over 5 contractors does give a good average.

    A clearly defined specification is one thing but having a pricing document is as important as builders like playing games and you need to work to where you are comparing apples with apples in any price comparison. The cheapest can then be taken in a different context to a project where there is no pricing schedule and the reason for the difference is unknown.