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Learned in Bali - where now in Ireland?

  • 07-09-2016 1:29pm
    Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 2,758 Peace

    Well folks,

    So i did some lessons in Bali there a few months ago. Wouldn't quiet say i learned to surf but i started. Now that i'm back home it'll be a very different experience - going from being too hot and sweating like crazy to ... well freezing bits off!!!

    So now i'd like to get to a good intermediate level before i go on my travels again. I went on one trip out to a reef break in Bali but quickly learned i was very much out of my comfort zone by having a near death experience.

    I read a few thread in here which recommend Bundoran and Strandhill mostly as they have surf schools very close to the beach.

    Has anyone else gone from zero and learned to surf in Ireland? I'd like to hear where you went and how you got on?


  • Got cold and very wet :D

    All depends where your from and how dedicated you are

    Most places have decent schools with bens surf clinic one of the best

    All you need to do is keep an eye on the charts and head to the water when the conditions are right

    Guessing a board and winter wetsuit, boots, gloves and hat may help

  • Depends on what part of the country you are in. Most people I'd know learned from scratch in Ireland. A nearby forgiving beach break with waves forming over a sandbar is ideal for beginning. After that plenty of practise, practise, practise and a good wetsuit / hood / boots / gloves combination to make your time in the water more comfortable.

  • I'm in Dublin and have accepted that driving to the west coast is the best option to go surfing.

    Yeah i'll see if Bens has room this weekend and wander over to see what its like. Thanks for the tip on that one.