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PW Adverts thread *Sell Tix etc here*

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    Moderators, Entertainment Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 12,014 mod jaykhunter

    Yo! Your PW mods have been chatting and consulting Boards admins as we wanted to find a way our community can sell things (tickets, DVDs, figures etc) and we've have come up with a way! All ya gotta do is create an listing and follow these rules:

    1) This thread is for regular PW users only, no companies or people here just to sell their wares (edited at Mods' discretion)
    2) wrestling-related listings only (Create one here: )
    3) Zero tolerance on discussion/bartering - do not respond or ask questions on the thread - If interested, click the adverts link and leave a comment there, or PM the user
    4) Use this layout:
    Type of Item: ECW DVDs
    Description: A brief description of the item(s); new/used, condition age etc. and if there's anything else the buyer should know
    Price: Price as advertised on external site - not what you'll consider, only what is advertised on the site.
    Link: A direct link to the listing
    5) If your item is sold (hooray!) then edit your post in the thread marking it as sold, or PM any of the mods and we'll do it for you.
    6) Want something? You can create a "wanted" advert at the same address (

    Here's an empty layout version you can use
    Type of Item:

    This wasn't easy to get the go-ahead so please follow the rules and best of luck with sales!