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ComReg makes big changes to USO

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    There's a new decision Universal Service Requirements - Provision of Access at a Fixed Location (AFL USO)

    Key points:
    • Mobile and other technologies acceptable - even GSM (see below; Data rate)
    • Indoor Coverage (mobile) will be acceptable- subject to agreement with customer; disputes go to ComReg.
    • If mobile coverage is acceptable eir have no obligation.
    • Excess, i.e. the maximum amount eir are liable for has reduced to €1000 from €7000 under some circumstances.
    • Data rate (functional internet connection) is retained at 28.8Kb/s until 30/06/2021. Only 94% of connections must meet this standard.


    This is USO At a Fixed Location, so if you can receive a mobile signal but only in one part of the house, that maybe enough for eir/ComReg.


  • 28.8Kb/s isn't very usable these days

  • 28.8Kb/s isn't very usable these days

    The object seems to be to minimise the grounds for investing in the legacy network. If there's NBP available in the area, or wireless ( including GSM/Edge from any carrier) then there's no obligation on eir to provide wired service.

    If there's a dispute on fax convenience/capability, it gets resolved by ComReg; assuming the customer wants to take it that far.

    It makes the likelihood of a customer sustaining a claim for wired USO service very unlikely. Which effectively means the end of USO and the end of the troublesome bills that eir have been sending to ComReg.

    Eir will be free to dismantle the copper network to match the roll-out of the NBP, whether or not they win any lots.

    The reduction in the excess evens-down the USO as between electricity supply and telecomms supply.

    Overall it takes away a few reasons for eir to complain about the NBP - mostly by making the customer's position weaker.