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What The **** Has Happens To Whelans ?

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    place over the last year and a bit just changed so much... it's so filthy and not in a good way.. the toilets for starters... flies at the bar nosediving into your pint, sticky tables and bar surfaces and thats not long after opening too... the stairs from the bar leading up to the smoking room look like they haven't seen a mop in about 4 years... all camouflaged by the dark lighting for the most part... the younger staff they seem to employ are so obnoxious it's just not worth going there any more really considering all the above and the price of drinks... Overheard a couple of the older staff bitching about the younger part timers and I silently agreed... only go there to see a band in the venue and always head straight off elsewhere... it's a bit of a shame as they always had great staff (longer serving ones still are) and attracted a nice type of crowd but whatever the **** has changed I have no clue but not somewhere for a beer in my view beyond using it in the capacity as a venue to see that favorite band and then gettin the **** outta there... any thoughts from former / current regulars ???


  • Used to go there every weekend sometimes Friday and Saturday. Never found the staff to be friendly apart from one of the cloakroom girls and a young bar guy who was new enough.
    The one and only time i've been refused fro ma place for being too drunk was in whelans. I wasn't drunk, a young new bouncer said i was. I had had 2 drinks by then i think.
    I tried to reason with the older bouncer who came along after i had been refused and i said you know me i'm here every weekend and he just looked at the ground and said he doesn't know me, couldn't even look me in the eye.

    After that i never really go there much, for the odd gig and once or twice for drinks. Worked out i was spending about 4 grand a year there, yes it was way too much and probably better i stopped going!

  • I used to go there every weekend on account of the music and the crowd.

    The staff were surly at best. It never made much sense to me why they didn't just hire sound staff as the pub always tried to pitch itself as a sort of a friendly enclave in the middle of the city yet I know numerous people who've had bad experiences.

  • Sorry guys I have to lock this. It's not appropriate to comment on businesses on boards.

    OP sorry you had that experience I hope you can appreciate where I am coming from.

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