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Ann and Barry books



  • #Jink-ke-Jink-jink-jin-inkjinkih

    This Summer...

    #De DWEH DEH!

    Ann is going to....

    #Deh Dweh, De Dweh, De Dweh- didi didi dih did id DWeeeeeH#
    #(Di dwih di di DOooooo)


    The fourth book by CJ Fallon.

    I hear the black and white pages will be colour here...

  • Originally posted by jill_valentine

    This Summer...

    #De DWEH DEH!

    Ann is going to....

    #Deh Dweh, De Dweh, De Dweh- didi didi dih did id DWeeeeeH#
    #(Di dwih di di DOooooo)


    The fourth book by CJ Fallon.

    *rotflmao :D

  • I'm afraid Ann and Barry mean nothing to me. As a mixed infant in the early 70s Ladybird's Peter & Jane books were the thing. Does this make me a West Brit?

    Happy Days

    Whatever became of Peter & Jane? Did Peter emigrate to South Africa in 1976 and go to work for some dodgy arms company? Did Jane marry some up and coming BP executive who began to neglect her after a few years forcing her to turn in her despair to gin and lesbianism? Do I need to get out more?

    Other Ladybird books were a formative influence, the "People at Work" series among others. I owned or borrowed from kindergarten the ones about the Soldier, the Sailor, the Airman, the Fireman and the Policeman. I loved the Soldier one, when I was 5 or 6 I wanted to be a soldier when I grew up. I know it was about the British army but the uniforms & equipment at the time were identical to the Irish soldiers I saw in the street or on RTE. It had those photo-real illustrations of tanks and so on. I swear I remember there was an illustration of a couple of squadies in the Yemeni desert wearing desert camouflage and playing darts. I could not wait to be 17 so I too could drive around in a tank and play darts in the Yemeni desert.
    it is, as you might expect, full of tanks, guns, rockets and other exciting bits of machinery. Today’s high technology is not much in evidence; "all regiments of the army have radios in case the telephone wires get broken". The engineers have an especially exciting job; "radios, watches, telphones, rockets, tanks and helicopters are among the many things that the soldiers mend in their workshops". However, nowhere in the book does it mention that the ultimate job of the fighting soldier is to kill people.

    and the Airman book
    It clearly wasn't a good idea to tell the kiddies that the Vulcan Bomber was routinely armed with nuclear weapons, but we learn that the two pilots "take turns at flying the bomber" and that at Biggin Hill, they are tested "to see if they are clever enough to fly aircraft"!

    People at Work series

    this says it all really;
    "When we were kids, we thought that we'd all have jobs like the ones in the Ladybird books - a policeman with a torch, a fireman ... It just didn't work out like that. They showed all the old British industries, too. What would they do now? They'd have to have a picture of some call centre in Asia."

  • There was a spin-off follow up about different people who had a dog called Rover who got a new dog house...

  • there were four books in the ann and barry series,
    ann and barry
    happy days
    lots of fun
    fun on the farm

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  • Ann & Barry (the new Mellenium)

  • Legend stuff .... Very funny

  • fitzgerp wrote:
    Ann & Barry (the new Mellenium)

    rotfl hahahahahahaha :D

  • sunbeam wrote:
    We had Pol agus Niamh

    aaaahhhh the memories. didnt pol agus niamh have a black dog? Ann and Barry i've all the books in the attic at home. There was aa series of them and i think one was called ' on the farm' and we had a box to put our special words in. Mine was an oxo cube box.

  • Sandi wrote:
    Wow, that was back in the days!
    Does anyone remember the Irish equivalent? Aine agus Ronan?

    Colm agus Nuala

    Pól agus Síle

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  • sunbeam wrote:
    Did anyone else have those slideshow as gaeilge things where the entire class had to recite a different storyline by rote each week? Torture! QUOTE]

    The "teiligóir" to be precise!

  • Does anyone have some of the Ann & Barry or Peter & Jane books that they don't want? The little girl of a friend of mine has a reading difficulty and is making more progress with those older type books! Any ideas where to get them??

  • blahblah wrote:
    Seo ì Ann, Seo è Barry,

    Tà mammaì sa chistin, tà daddy sa ghàirdìn
    wow how long has it been since you've done irish?? That's not a fada!! á <---that is!! ;)

  • Hello Ann & Barry fans!

    Here is something that should interest you. Also, if anyone has the original Ann and Barry books (especially the first one) we would love to have it.



    Hey Guys & Dolls,

    Many of you may have heard about Talking Shop Ensemble, the company recently formed by graduates of the Drama course in Trinity. Talking Shop focuses specifically on the idea of the ensemble and methods of theatre-making that move away from traditional, towards site-specific, devised and non-textual pieces. Process is a paramount factor and collaborating with other practitioners and non-theatre artists is a recurring feature.

    Their first professional production will premier in the Absolut (Dublin) Fringe Festival: Sep 7th-12th. Here's the details:

    Ann and Barry: What Kind of Time Do You Call This?

    “Ann likes cake. Barry likes jam"...
    "Ann likes coke. Barry likes birds".

    New words we learn today: coke and birds.

    As middle-class suburbia spirals towards excess our childhood friends struggle to figure what the point of it all is. When the news of a devastating fire ruptures Mammy’s 50th birthday celebrations, a moment of uncertainty forces the pair, so close in childhood, to explore the events that have shaped them; as we realise that in real-life; there is never such thing as a story-book ending…

    Allow Talking Shop Ensemble to bring you on a trip through the campus of NCAD, flitting between past and present and fusing drama, dark comedy, visual arts, music and dance. This searing dissection of contemporary Irish culture continuously begs the question - "just what kind of time do you call this?"

    Fundraising…We Need Your Help!

    Acceptable in the 80’s

    A Fundraiser for "Ann and Barry:What Kind of Time Do You Call This?"
    Talking Shop Ensemble

    THIS Sat, Aug 8th, 8:00pm in Toners on Baggot St.

    Ann and Barry - Boppin' to the New Romantics!

    €8/10 Entry

    Help Ann and Barry put a few pennies together while letting your hair down in Dublin's oldest pub...
    80's themed night, with music, fun and treats to bring those memories flooding back. Dressing up in your trendy 80's get-up from the first time round is optional, I'll be wearing denim, shoulder pads and a leotard... There'll be karaoke with all the greats from Cyndi Lauper and a deadly New Romantics D.J. set to keep us all bopping till we're kicked out.

    *****PRETTY Pleeeease come support us*****
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  • What about before Ann and Barry? My memory is of Kevin and Tara and of Pol agus Niamh in my Irish reader. It was pretty much the same stories/families/incidents.
    I started primary school in 1980.

  • I remember Peter and Jane, and Pol agus Aine!

  • Haha Ann and Barry eh? I also vaguely remember an irish equivilent in existence but I didn't have it. THat's a blast from the past though

  • I went to see Anne and Barry on Tuesday - excellent production - clever, though provoking and well executed - well done all involved.

  • I remember the projector! Man, I had forgotten about it until I read through this thread today!

  • We had Lucy agus Lorchain as our first irish duo i school, things in school were so easy until 1st class and the dreaded Busy At Maths was introduced!

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  • BigO wrote: »
    i'd say he was a worm cause good ol' st. patrick got rid of snakes.

    yeah remember in tara and ben when thier friends (conor) dad's toothpaste factory exploded and it went everywhere,

    I also think conor owned some sort of speakeasy or a convienience store.

    Holly and Dusty were the cats and dog's alright!

    I actually remember whatthe first page looked like showing our two lead stars in their grey school uniform.

    I was a good bit ahead in tara and ben and got to read the one with the polar bear in a hot air ballon, ( now that was one underground scripture). Wrote by the same crew as tara and ben but it was wild!

    i remember the irish book as well it was crazy! monkey men and all!.
    In one of the irish books at one stage they had a story call - An Doppelganger. some wild stuff about a nazi escaping some POW camp and having a replacement, well thats how i enterpret it!

    oh well.... better not reminisce much more or will never stop
    Ooh I vaguely remember the Doppleganger story as well. Remember expected it to be good but was an awful let down!!

  • Does anyone remember the Christmas annuals that we used to get in national school? I remember being soooo excited when I saw the box arrive in the classroom, everyone would be dying to open them. They were full of crosswords and cartoons and puzzles etc I think one was called Siamse or something to that effect....good times :D

  • Sonas or Sugradh were the other ones I think.

  • Spraoi was the other one

  • That's them! Thanks :D

  • According to this, they still do the Christmas annuals (at least as recently as Christmas 2008 anyway).

  • RayM wrote: »
    According to this, they still do the Christmas annuals (at least as recently as Christmas 2008 anyway).

    Brilliant :D Fair play for finding that! I might get a few for old time's sake :)

  • sunbeam wrote: »
    I vaguely remember Peter and Jane (Ladybird books methinks) and Pat and Ann too.
    Yes indeed. Peter and Jane and their dog Pat were a staple of my reading in my early youth in the 70s. In fact I came across a couple of them in a charity shop yesterday, '2b - Have a Go' and '3b - Boys and Girls'. Those Ladybird books are still in print, only now they have more up-to-date illustrations. For example, Peter and Jane's dad drives an Austin Maxi in the old books. I don't know the make of the car he drives now.

  • can anyone tell me what was the name of ann and barrys dog please its really bugging me ???

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  • carlovian1 wrote: »
    can anyone tell me what was the name of ann and barrys dog please its really bugging me ???

    Was it Bran?

    Who went on to star in his own spin off book series :cool: