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Top 5 Worst Irish Bands

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    Yes the madness continues.Unfortunatley it seems tha the previous link became to 'controvesial' and some heads got very offended.Im not going to reitterate why we should be allowed to criticse bands.But all i will say , if you can justify loving a band then I should at the very least be able to make my criticism of such bands vocal.
    SO here goes ,my top 5 + the reasons why.
    1THE THRILLS ,incredibly over rated.The product of a clever and shrewd marketing team ,possessing very little in the area of inspiration, creativity,originality and depth.Yes you can hum along to it BUT you can also hum along to Hanson.I dont feel there is much substance here and I dont think such boring lack lustre 'live' gigs could be more boring...zzzzzzzzz
    2DAVID KITT very adept at remaining boring all of the time.Uninspiring lyrics,melodys etc.Oh and will someone shove that minidisc that he uses and abuses at his gigs up his arse
    3JJ72 The lead singer has the audacity and pomp to piss off just about everyone and anyone.I mean if we where dealing with the real Billy Corgan etc then MAYBE some attitude would be acceptable.Irrelevant music from a diluted carbon copy of a MArk the media whore.
    4THE REVS for being utterly stupid,all of the time.And i dont mean punk rock stupid ,I mean letting everyone down(including themselves) by not knowing how to play there songs properly etc
    5Shane MacGowan-Was really brilliant but then descended well into Shane MacGowan.Now I gaggle of hangers on flock to him to ply him with alcohol and what not.Its very sad.Almost as sad as the geriatric Ozzy Osbourne and his wife.God she'll be dusting Ozzy off before pushing him around in wheelchair in the next series while still maintaining she loves Ozzy.Yeah right.


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