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Getting Board Up an Running

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 7 ✭✭✭ JoeyT

    To get this board going, you are really going to have to communicate with the web-administrators of our nationall running clubs and ask them to update their links accordingly. As that is how the majority of people access previous chat boards.


  • Ecksor,

    Joey, is right. Do you think you can troll the club web sites and notify the various site owners of the existence of this board?

    Frankly the old board is probably the best promotion site of all. Interesting coments to my post their!! I think some of those folks make my point crytal clear in there neaderthal way.


  • I'll try to put some contact addresses together later and send out a brief bit of info when I get some free time. Or, if anyone is at a loose end in the next few hours, they're free to do it also, just le me know so people don't get mailed twice :)

  • Hi all,
    Its great to see an athletics web site on Im Dave Hooper the webmaster at Raheny Shamrock and formerly in charge of the athletics chat board. I had to close that board in 2001 because of abusive posts against people involved in athletics. I wish the best to the administrators here. People who make those kind of posts should remember they might think there funny, but they are in fact getting the board admin's in possible legal trouble.
    Other wise is fanastic to see the board and i wish it continued success. I will add a link to this site on the Raheny site as soon as I can.

    P.S dont forget to check us out, our address is

    Kind Regards
    Dave Hooper

  • Dave,

    Good to see you here. And thanks again for the "original" board.