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    Bit of an update for Carlow area peeps, it'll be rolled out around the end of June/Mid-July. it was due to some faulty hardware, that has been srced but takes an enginneer with skillz to install it. They have only one person capable of doing this ... hehe. Well thats how it bloody well sounds.

    So in abour 4 weeks or so we should be able to order any of 4 adsl packages Yaay! :)

    Eircom/Esat/Netsource/UTVip (to be announced on the 10/6/2003)

    Now who to go with ... need i even think about it ...


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    I got my ADSL installed in New-Ross yesterday. :) Going fine, no problems with it so far anyway. Aparrantly the exchange was ready by the end of April, but due to confusion on Eircoms systems to whether it was upgraded or not they were only accepting random orders - i.e. if you got the right person you could order, and anyone who did got installed ages ago ;).

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    Originally posted by Snowball
    got an email from IOL about adsl and broadband through electricity lines. must find it and post it

    Any more info on this?

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    Originally posted by Kernel32
    I would be interested in knowing if ADSL is easily available within Waterford city, and generally what areas, around ardkeen? Cork Road? The reason I ask is because I may be moving back to Waterford for a while soon and high speed internet access is essential for me, so any house I rent must have it.
    Also what about availability outside Waterford, in County Kilkenny, Mooncoin, Piltown, Carrick-on-Suir, does anyone have any service out in those areas?
    I have talked with Eircom about it back in March but talking to Eircom's customer service people is like banging your head againist a wall, I had to drag information from them like it was top secret or something and the two people I spoke with gave me different information which left me more confused.


    theres some estates in the aardkeen area that can get broadband, viewmount im afraid is not one of them, thecork road area will npt be upgraded by eircom till spetember october sometime

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    Originally posted by shinzon
    theres some estates in the aardkeen area that can get broadband, viewmount im afraid is not one of them, thecork road area will npt be upgraded by eircom till spetember october sometime

    There are problems in Kilkenny, Carlow, Wanterford Central and Galway. The time to fix is approx mid July.


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    Originally posted by ManWithThePlan
    Any more info on this?
    If i was not 2 lazy

    Its all on my mail at home. Its miles away. Will do so soon though. Will post then. Anyone who has iol should have gotten the email. I was a broadcast by iol

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    Originally posted by kano476
    no chance of it comin to tramore anytime soon then eh?

    I dont think they'll be upgrading that ancient exchange for a while yet :(

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    Originally posted by flamegrill
    Yup its carlow town on pollerton road.

    They are indeed having problems testing the lines, AFAIR they it was working fine for the first week and there have been problems since.

    It looks like its going to be a winner for business etc in carlow as most would spend in excess of 300/month on isdn, but I can also see why there may be problems .....


    Is this exchange still dead some 4 months later?


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    Just as you asked this today, no it's not :). The carlow exchange is go go go since last monday 14/july as promised, eircom had it on the ball. Was told mid-july and there it was. I ordered netsource RADSL last wednesday and today i went live :)

    Mad, but good man.