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Focus during training

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    The best athletes in history are the ones who are very focused! Im no athlete and im only in a gym to get fit but i do find focus helps. I sometimes put myself into an almost hypnotic state were i feel i could run forever, am not tired and even slow my heartrate. I know when i go too far as i block out everything around me to the point my hearing is not as acute.

    Does anyone else do this sort of thing? Anyone have any techniques they use?
    At the very least i block all other things out, even women wearing very little! And concentrate soley on my workout!


  • Aye.

    Rowing session of 2000m and I just try and get myself into a very controlled but aggressive state of mind.

    Rowing for 30mins I try to let my mind drift off and distance myself from discomfort while maintaing a decent split.

    As for weights, I tend to use a lot of previs stuff. I think a lot about getting certain lifts, run it over and over in my mind. On the actual lifts, I just try and get the whole tunnel vision thing going - comes with practice.

    Attitude and mental state play a massive difference in gettin a good cardio time or making a big lift. If your mind isn't in it, you don't have a prayer. Even in regular training sessions, if your heart isn't in it for the actual sets (whatever about talking in between) - you won't get the most out of your training.


  • Yeah last night i was not as focused as i have been recently... so i was having to push harder to do a 5K+ run.. When i started to feel tired though i focused myself and went on... i think it was the lights.. the treadmill i was on overlooked spotlights and they kept getting in my eyes breaking my focus. Being photosensative does not help.. So i will not use that machine again..

    I was reading about Hypnosis and i reckon thats what a lot of athletes do but dont even know it. You can hypnotise yourself to a small degree even driving! Its just concentrate on one thing and block out everything else.. Reading is a good one, you might be reading and not hear the doorbell or the oven timer go off.. or the gunshot indicating you might have been shot... eh last one is a bit extreme but you get the idea!

  • Aye there is fairly detailed research out there on athletes going into trance like states. They took powerlifters and monitored them up to, during and after a lift and showed at the crucial moments their mind is out of it entirely.

    Bah .. meeting - will look for links to the research in a bit. It is an interesting area.