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Servers update

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    Ok kiddies and kidettes,

    the quake3 osp server has moved to cloud

    vishnu now has 2 new servers in its place
    - Battlefield 1942 demo
    - Grand Prix Legends

    So the layout is as follows:
    - Grand Prix Legends ( you need to connect through vroc ( )
    - Battlefield 1942 Demo
    - Quake3 OSP
    - NeverwinterNights


  • And the music stops and the everyone grabs a server.

    With the addition of the UT2003 Demo server we've had a bit of movement on the servers. The UT server has gone up on aka, with the Neverwinter Nights server going to the IOL server ( ). See the RPG board for details on that.

    so the current layout is as follows :
    - Grand Prix Legends ( you need to connect through vroc ( )
    - Soldat,
    - Quake 1
    - Quake3 OSP
    - UT2003 Demo

    I'll look into Battlefield 1942 when its released on friday
    and see if theres a) demand for it and b) a possible home for it.

  • bf1942 is out, and there is deffo demand :)

    ne word on it?

  • If they release a complete dedicated server we'll have a look at hosting a server.

    I dont have the game and dont indent to get it. If someone loans their disks I'll upload the files ( I dont take copies or warez ).

  • included with it is an option to run a dedicated server, im not sure whether there are seperate files on the CD. Did you search for it? There has to be a stand alone server version, cause there are about 800+ servers up at any 1 time

  • I did a search before, and theres no complete download for a dedicated server. u require files from the cd.

    Anyway I'm not sure where we could put it, since it requires win32 and that box is full. Maybe if a linux version gets released we could find a suitable home.

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