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Theatre recommendation

  • 03-09-2002 6:32pm
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    From the review:
    Stolen Child

    Stolen Child is a powerful, new Irish drama that confronts the reality of Ireland's abandonment of it's most vulnerable children. What begins as a personal odyssey for young Angela Tierney, adopted at birth, to discover her true family history, soon becomes an exploration of one of the darkest chapters in the recent history of modern Ireland. Runs from the 2nd September to 21st of September in The Andrews Lane Theatre.

    more info at:

    or at: (I wrote this one :) )


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    Ticket sales are up and time is running out to catch this highly acclaimed play which will be transferring to the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire next week.

    Now that I've seen it myself, I can recommend it even more. Basically, go see it.. it's excellent.

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    Just found this thread !

    Your critique of it ?

    Roll on the theatre board.....

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    any chance that nice mr./mrs. lolth could move this thread to the Theatre forum now that it's been created?


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