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Pub Guide

  • 19-07-2002 12:19am
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    Just a couple of thoughts on what this should be about. Was in Galway recently and had no idea where to go out for a quiet & decent pint. Reckoned that I would have saved myself a while if I had some idea where to go before I got there.

    Was gonna post a template or some such but there is really no need all that is really necessary is that the title of the thread should contain the name of the pub and the area it is in. Mercury tilt (first reviewer) reviewed Browns Barn and this is the kinda details etc I know I'd be looking for. But feel free to add anything ya think would be handy for someone looking for a night out in your town.

    I know that there may be a dirth of Boards people calling in sick to work as a result of reviewing many of the fine/not so fine drinking establishments in their area, so I have arranged with a local doctor to dispense sick notes for a paltry €5.





  • Registered Users Posts: 11,389 ✭✭✭✭Saruman

    I can only put down the few i have been to last week.
    The Brazen head (irelands oldest pub)
    This tiny looking place is a lot bigger than it looks. Prices are very good too!! Live irish music too though you need to be early to get a seat in that part of the pub. Great atmosphere.

    Sosume -south great georges street. This is a modern coctail type bar. It has a Chinese feel. Its pretty damn cool There is also a dance floor too. Prices are expensive but sun - thurs they do Coctails for €5 which is about €2 cheaper than most. Shame its not also at weekends.

    I was at another one beside the Hard rock Café. Longish name but i hateed the place as soon as i walked in and it was very expensive. I was driving and so i had a shandy there and it cost €5.50? Its like a half pint with a dash of lemon and lime!!! too crouded too loud and almost no seats at all.

    Also went to another i cant think of the name of but its directly across the road from city hall on the corner. Its great!! prices are ok i think, since i was driving that night i got free dashes of Blackcurrent juice pints :D They had a DJ who plays music and another guy who plays a saxaphone along with the music.. its pretty cool.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 178 ✭✭bender

    Saruman wrote:
    Also went to another i cant think of the name of but its directly across the road from city hall on the corner. Its great!! prices are ok i think, since i was driving that night i got free dashes of Blackcurrent juice pints :D They had a DJ who plays music and another guy who plays a saxaphone along with the music.. its pretty cool.

    think thats THOMAS REID.. its a very nice place and great for an afternoon pint or for cup of coffee too... the crown in the evenings are nice folks and good music.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 83 ✭✭arrietty

    In Bray, I recommend you get away from the main street as quickly as possible, and head down the seafront. I recommend the Porterhouse, about ten minutes walk from the DART station. Sister pub to the Porterhouse in Temple Bar, so great food, great weird beers, but you can generally actually get a seat! There's another pub to the left of that, if you're facing away from the sea, which is nice and quiet, chilled out, usual mediocre live music occasionally. They've both got big beer gardens, which in these smoking ban times, you've gotta appreciate.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2 hetsscaryguy

    i live in naas, co. Kildare. so ill do the whole town of naas for yee

    average pint of beer is about €4, lager and cider are about €4.15, Guinness is about €3.65.

    Monread Lodge: havent drank there much so cant really say much. its a very local pub as its in the middle of the biggest estate in naas so it tends to draw its customers from just that area.

    Haydens: Oldest pub in the town i believe, lovely pub gets busy on friday and saturday from bout 9 on. good pints, great bar staff and have a smoking room that has a proper roof but has a gap of 2 feet to allow smoke out, its fully heated aswell. Security on the door thurs - sun. this is one of two very sports crowd based pubs in town, good mix of people of all ages.

    Graces: Best pub in the town, great pints and the staff are great. graces and haydens both use the same security who are the nicest security that i have ever come across. Smoking area is in the alley at the side, it has a canopy and is fully heated. Upstairs only opens 12-3 during the day mon-fri and saturday night from about 9:30. Saturday night is extended license until 2:00. theres a dj aswell thurs-sat. Overall its a great pub, great atmosphere, great croud. average age is people in there 20s but all people are made to feel welcome.

    Tommy Fletchers: Used to be the old mans pub of the town but seems now to be attracting a younger crowd. smoking area is down the side enclosed by a laneway roof. pints of guinness are great from what ive heard. ive yet to drink there though but it seems like a nice place.

    O'Connors: Cheapest pub in the town but is very much a locals pub and they dont tend to take to kindly to people who aren't loacls. no smoking area so your out on the street.

    Five Lamps: Avoid at all costs, tends to be very rough, bad pints and just in general not a nice pub. its closing down in the next week or two anyway. unfortunately its right beside the bus stop for buses coming from dublin so you mite just end up wandering in.

    Kavanaghs: Fantastic pub, jam packed on friday-sun. its generally about 3-4 deep at the bar but dont let i detter you its a great pub, its the second real sporting pub in the town. people in there are extremely friendly and the pints are great. Somoking area is a little courtyard out the back that can be covered by a canopy and is well heated.

    Todds: This is closing down aswell soon from what ive heard. its a lovely pub with really nice pints, generally isn't so packed that you cant get a seat but it has a nice buzz. it was recentley changed to a 21s bar though so i aint been there in a while.

    The Forge: Havent drank here or been there for an incredibly long time, crowd seem nice enough as do the few bar staff that i know who work there. cant really say much more, it does tend to get a bit busy on saturday and friday.

    McCormacks: Best pint of guinness in the town, its very much an older persons pub though and i havent drank in there as a result. Smoking is down the side laneway enclosed by the laneway roof.

    The Court: This is late bar every night i think as its also a hotel and niteclub. I have recently started drinking here more often and have to say its nice. its busy in at the bar thurs-sun a but its really nice to just get a drink go outside and just chill in there courtyard/smoking area out front. Teh pints arent that nice because its a niteclub but thats not the end of the world coz its just lovely to sit there in the courtyard with a bottle and have a nice chat with your mates. security all nites and wednesday is karaoke night.

    The Ivy: Tends to be dead a lot of time with very little life. they do have a pretty loyal crowd but new people are welcome all the time. pints are good and the staff are nice. smoking is out back under a marqee with heaters. theres security fri & sat. live music is there most fri and sats.

    Sarah Floods: Very like o'connors with a mix of the five lamps thrown in. no more to say.

    PQ's: Lovely pub for a quiet one, very nicely furnished and staff are night. pints are good too. Security fri & sat, not sure where smoking is.

    Swan Dowlings: nice pub nice staff dont drink there though as its too much out of the way and has a different crowd than the likes of graces or haydens tends to attract which is the kind of crowd i like in a pub.

    Thats all the pubs done. there are a few hotel bars aswell like the osprey which has one of the nicest bars ive seen in my life and good pints, its just not busy enough for me to go there often and because its a four star hotel dress code is a bit strict. its nice though for a lovely quiet pint with mates.

    My recommendations are Graces and Haydens for a bit of craic on thurs to sun night. graces is nice aswell even during the week for a quiet one or two with mates. If your a sporty person then haydens is the place to be and then after that kavanaghs but for everyone else graces tends to be the place to be.

    Graces, Monread Lodge, Kavanaghs and the ivy all serve lunch at some stage throughout the day. the ivy has some of the best food in the town ive been told but i havent eaten there. Graces i can say form experience has lovely lunch, limited menu though but its a pub so what do oyu expect.

    So there you have it people, naas pubs summed up for you.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,818 ✭✭✭Bateman


    Grand Central
    O Connel St, at the junction with Abbey Street.
    Very easy to miss, a lot of people don't even know there's a pub there when you invite them for the first time. It's very relaxing for a food and drink lunch, after-work drinks, of general mid-week drinking. The staff are nice, and the drinks selection includes a "beer of the month" which you can typically pick up for €3.35 a bottle. Corona was featured monthly, so we're talking quality beers here. The current selection is Michelob, a qualty American beer. There's a late discobar downstais, but I was only there once and it wasn't lively enough to make you want to stay there til closing. But then on the flipsode, entry is free.

    TP Smiths
    Near Jervis St Shopping Centre
    I'd usually use this place for Saturday afternoon drinking and sports, in the middle of an afternoon's shopping. On quieter evenings, the music will usually be quality indie-guitar music, with some 80s there as well. The bar food is great quality too, with the Club Sandwich a great idea for a heavy lunch or light dinner.

    I'm going to keeo adding to this post as I have the time. :)

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1 hotty + sexy

    ;):p:) :rolleyes: :o :mad: :( :eek: :confused: we would like to disagree with some of the views posted about pubs in Naas. We don't think the five lamps should be avoided at all costs, to up date you it is still open. It is quite lively on a Saturday + has a cute dj. There is a good mix of ages. Bouncers are friendly. The ivy has regular good bands. It can be quite at times but in these cases you tend to get served quicker.THE BARMAN IS CUTE. Also, the court can be quite on weekends. We agree with you about Graces but you can be waiting a while to get served. TO SUM UP. JUST GO TO TIME. sAT DJ IS GORGE, WOULDN'T RECOMMEND GOING ON FRIDAY. Bondi should be avoided at all costs to those who like having a good time. enough said.; :D

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 12 diagram

    For city centre Dublin my vote goes to Mulligans on Poolbeg street. It's almost the last real pub left.
    Outside of the city, worth a look is the Arc in Liffey Valley. It does great food - much better than in the centre and the music is good in the evenings.

    I would recommend Pubfinder as a good online pub guide.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 245 ✭✭boy_wonder

    My Favourites,

    To avoid the cold, overpriced and covered in steel surroundings of most pubs pay these a visit.

    McDaids just off Grafton st(opposite Bruxelles). Great pub for after work or earl afternoon pints.

    The Oak on Dame st(part of Thomas Reeds). Pokey little place and a great pint.

    Weekend - Dame Lane. This little hideaway of a lane is quality on a fri/sat night. Visit the stags head for a great pint and good atmosphere then fall into the Dame Tavern beside it to bounce around in what has to be Dublins smallest pub(great atmosphere). Have guy on guitar squeezed in corner - actually hilarious.

    All of the above serve a great pint of guinness

  • Registered Users Posts: 22,771 ✭✭✭✭The Hill Billy

    Pubs in Skerries

    New cafe-bar on the harbour - Florida Key's-type feel. Does tapas-style grub. Not normally my kinda place, but have to say it is very nice.

    I wouldn't bother.

    Joe May’s
    Another bar on the harbour. Good enough pint & a nice spot for a few pint bottles of Bulmers on a sunny summer's day.

    Keane’s Bus Bar
    Old fellas' bar & lounge. Decent pint & close to the bookies.

    Michael Collins
    Looks like a hotel bar. Nice beer garden. Pint OK. Some dodgy customers.

    A class bar. Great pint & the best beer garden in the town. Yours truly's fave spot.

    €3 all pints all week. €4 for a pint bottle of Bulmers. Good lunch grub.

    Pier House
    Another bar on the harbour. Also has nightclub at weekends. So-so.

    Stoop Your Head
    A wanna-be gastro-pub. Decent enough sea-food. Great views of the harbour.

    The Coast Inn
    Small front bar full of cranky old fellas bitching about each other. A real hoot to watch & listen. Great pint.
    Large lounge, conservatory, sports bar & beer garden. Good for cocktails. Loads of massive plasma tv for sport. Get your pint from the bar though.

    The Gladstone
    Where the local "characters" drink.

    The Malting House
    Nice pint. B&B overhead if you don't want to go home.

    Tommy Bahamas
    Flash cafe-bar. Sometimes frequented with Eastern European trolley-dollies at the weekends. Good food.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 14 fishneedbikes

    Graces in my opinion is one of the best pubs around.

    I'm a spirit drinker myself so can't comment on the pint.
    The spirits are well priced.

    Great atmosphere, staff are very friendly.

    food is also lovely and as far as I know is all home made from scratch unlike most places. I go in every day at lunch and it's like having a good restaurant meal at a better price!

    It should be great craic over Punchestown festival.

    There's a band on every second Thursday and it's a great night. There's poker on every second Tuesday.

    OK, I know it sounds like I live in the place but I do drink there every weekend and really look forward to it!


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  • Registered Users Posts: 267 ✭✭AdrianR

    Tommy Fletchers: Used to be the old mans pub of the town but seems now to be attracting a younger crowd. smoking area is down the side enclosed by a laneway roof. pints of guinness are great from what ive heard. ive yet to drink there though but it seems like a nice place.

    Great Pub.

    Ron Wood has a house near Naas and apparantly one evening he was in Tommy Fletchers with a crown and he started to play his guitar, one of the old guys who owns the place came out from behind the bar and told him that there was no singing allowed:) Apparantly Ron Wood saw the funny side.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 14 fishneedbikes

    Not sure if anyone is interested but Grace's Pub in Naas has recently put up a Website.
    It's fairly simple but kinda cool and shows a few pictures. It's a very cool pub.


  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 18,300 ✭✭✭✭Seaneh

    Seans Bar.
    Ireland oldest bar as listed by the guinness book of world records.
    Great pints, good craic, very friendly staff, hugh beer garden and more people whipping out guitars/flutes/mandolins that you could shake a stick at.
    Has a bit of everything, very mixed crowd, just as many early 20 somethings as 40+ers, great spot.

    The Prince Bar.
    Great bar food menu (If I do say so myself, I cook the stuff) and very nice bar, quiet, relaxed, friendly staff.
    I recomend The Prince burger or our pepper chicken sandwich.

    The shack
    Just outside the town centre on the moate road is the Shack Old World in, very popular spot during the week, espically on tuesdays when some of the best singer/songwriters in the midlands meet up and have a bit of a session, playing everything from dave matthews to trad!

    The Coosan Tavern
    bit of an older regular crowd but easily the best guinness in athlone, nice clean pub, the manager mark is only 21 but one of the soundest lads you'll ever meet!

    Nuts Corner
    Small pub in the town centre, nice and clean, and seamus and connor behind the bar are great craic, very good beer and not too pricey either!

    only opened on weekends but extreamly cheap pints, the black stuff is only 3.30 and on a friday night it's really worth visiting for thier trad sessions.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2 mccarrd4

    If your ever further north, you should check out An Poc Fada, Monaghan. Its got some great live bands and a lively atmosphere, ideal for hen parties.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 24,878 ✭✭✭✭arybvtcw0eolkf

    diagram wrote: »
    For city centre Dublin my vote goes to Mulligans on Poolbeg street. It's almost the last real pub left.

    Ah, you want to pay a visit to Campion's, Malahide Road (beside Balgriffin cemetry). Fantastic little gem of a pub, and you can still buy your groceries in the bar!.

    Oh ya, the TV remote is left on the bar for customers use too.

    Brilliant spot. A hidden gem.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 41,926 ✭✭✭✭_blank_

    Next time you are out Campions way give me a shout, I live about a five minute walk from it.

    Great pub.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 24,878 ✭✭✭✭arybvtcw0eolkf

    DesF wrote: »
    Next time you are out Campions way give me a shout, I live about a five minute walk from it.

    Great pub.

    I bet we live in the same estate so!.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 41,926 ✭✭✭✭_blank_

    I dunno, I live in the apartments in the Hilton Darndale complex.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 24,878 ✭✭✭✭arybvtcw0eolkf

    DesF wrote: »
    I dunno, I live in the apartments in the Hilton Darndale complex.

    I'm beside you, more or less. I'll give you a shout for a pint sometime if your into it. Campions is a good old style local.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 24,878 ✭✭✭✭arybvtcw0eolkf

    But late now. But I'm heading up that way for a few now.

    Just in case you'll usually see me wear either a TapouT (black) hoodie or a dark blue hoodie with various Martial arts style names on the sleeves and a SBGnorthside 'Fight team' logo on the back.

    See you there sometime.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 453 ✭✭irishcrazyhorse

    Bit of free time so here we go.

    Raven bar(North main street)- nice spot,pint of cider is only 4.50 and stought is around 4.10, clean and nice staff,place is way to packed on the weekend though.

    The Roundy- stylish bar which is great for a coffee during the day or a quite beer while sitting out the front.Again on weekends the place is packed and has feic all seats in the place.

    Suas(see raven)- Stylish cocktail bar above captain americas with a lovely smoking terrace and they make a point of not over crowding the place on weekends, funky DJs as well and a nice mix of young and foreign clients.
    Shame about the drinks though,over-priced and the cocktails arnt up to much.

    Preachers(washington st)- Part of the reardens bar but dont leave that put you off, they play mainly rock, which a nice crowd made up of older students and people that like a pitcher!
    All pitchers are served in ice cold glass which hold 3 pints, all for 9 euros or so-Bargain. Bathrooms are tiny but besides that,great spot.

    The oval- Lovely old school "pub", recently taken over by Bennie McCabe, place serves a nice selection of beers and stouts but like with most of his pubs,they are over-priced. Lovely fire down the back for those winter evenings though.

    The Slate- Funky over 23's bar. The Slate is one of the best larte bars in the city, with a mix of music from Rock to soul you cant go wrong! Great selection of beers and not to bad on price for a late bar you cant go wrong.Open Wens to Sunday and no cover charge. Best bar in Cork on A sundays hands down(door policy is simple,once you aint a scumbag your in)

    SoHo Bar and Rest(grand parade)-The former Doyles got a makeover and a half. Soho is corks newest superpub,only a couple years old. Great place to watch a match as there are Tv's everywhere, even in the bog. Pint isnt bad ,around 4.75 but the tv's and the great chance of a seat make up for it!
    They also have these self poring taps on the table which are cool, used one for a final recently and didnt have to leave my table for th night,great craic for all really.Only guniness and carlsberg,but the stout was good.
    Food is great as well and not to badly priced.I could write for ages about this place, but ill just say check it out(not my type of crowd but once your in with your own crew you should have a good night(savage cocktails 2)

    Le Chateau(patricks st)-The only bar on patricks street so it isnt hard to find. Been there for years and always a great passing trade during the day.Pint is bad but they do a great hot toddy or irish coffee and they dont mind been asked for them either :)
    Nice seating out on patricks st so you can watch people running around the place and laugh.

    The Brog- Student pub, cheap pint during the day till 9(3 euros), rock music on the speakers and a smell os 6 year old stale piss 24/7(great place if you drunk and dont wanna stop)

    Waxys- Avoid at all cost, bad pints and punters

    Sober lane- Great spot with some great decor, mix of a student and youg professional crowd, they do a great quiz on a tuesday I think and live music most night.Smoking room has the old seat from lansdowne road as well. You can get you pizza and a bottle of wine for around 15 quid I think. Pint is around 4.50 for beer, nice coffee and breakfest as well.

    The Met bar(Metropole hotel)- typical hotel bar,no atmosphere,****e pint and worse staff,dont waste your money,at all.

    The shelbourne(McCurtain St)- nice little bar,not bad for matches or live music, pint is grand and not to badly priced. You get what you see,not bad for lunch.

    The Pav(Careys lane I think)- new late bar open 7 nights a week, owned by DJ stevie G. Retro decor and a few couches,kinda poser place but not to bad at all to be honest, pint is only ok but the place is still new so hopefully they should improve. Havent been in the club upstair yet(will be today) but the have bands on 6-7 nights a wekk and some good ones and I have only heard only good things about the place.(over 23's)

    The newport(paul St)- used to be one of the "it" places but now is nothing really,pint is pretty ****e,and the customers are all tourists,dont waste you time.

    Henchys(St Lukes)- proper local bar with a twist, most of the regulers are artists or driniker or both, the walls always have some new art on the walls and they have live music in the lounge 3-4 nights a week. Pint is around 4.10 for a great pint of Guiness and they have a nice selection of foreign beers as well,well recommened.

    Thats all I am going to write for the moment, hopefully it will help some of yee down this part of the country(especially for the jazz)
    Ive worked and lived all over the country(Dublin,Cork and Mayo) so I feel I have a good idea of what is good and what is bad. Also when going out you will walk into any of these bars wearing and pair of jeans,t shirt and usually runners.

  • Registered Users Posts: 784 ✭✭✭jkmanc1974

    Great call ref Campions, used to head in there when I lived in Donaghmede up to 3 years ago...

    Ref the city centre, favourites would have to be Kates Cottage(opposite Connolly Station), also the Palace Bar...

    Still miss Kielys on Abbey Street though on Saturday afternoons....


  • Registered Users Posts: 11,389 ✭✭✭✭Saruman

    I just realised it has been 5 years since I posted on this thread. Here are some pubs I love, bear in mind these are pubs that server decent premium beer and are not known for cheap pints of coors light and píss like that.

    Bull and Castle in Christchurch - Simply the best pub I have ever been in. Apart from the fact it is a gastro pub (excellent food and beer) they have a German style beerhall upstairs. They stock an impressive number of beers, and not just foreign beers either. They stock a lot of Irish beers that most Irish people do not know exist because they drink crap like Carlsberg and Heinekan and even worse, Coors or Bud etc.
    The staff are very knowledgeable about beer.

    Other excellent Dublin pubs are the Porterhouse chain of pubs for obvious reasons.

    In Galway, two excellent pubs are the Kings head which is right down the main pedestrian street and is quite large, good food and some good beer including the wonderful Galway Hooker.

    Also in Galway is Sheridans on the docks. As the name suggests it is on the docks. If you get to Jurys hotel by Spanish arch, take a left and follow the road around until you get to the docks. It is hard to see and looks like a wine bar but inside is gourmet bar that does Beers of Excellence from around the world as well as cheese and wine. A lovely place to spend an evening.

    In Cork, the Franciscan well brewpub is the obvious choice and just down the road is Bierhaus which is probably more lively and has a larger selection of beer, including the Franciscan Well beers.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,381 ✭✭✭oblivious

    This might be of interest

    Pubs that stock Irish Craft Beer

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,389 ✭✭✭✭Saruman

    Oh yeah I was going to post that link but forgot all about it as I wanted to go watch Lost.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 627 ✭✭✭Jugs82

    Galway Pubs

    Murty Rabbits, Forster St.

    Great little pub - only started drinking there over the past few months, best Guinness in the City and that says something!!

    O'Connells, Eyre Square

    Looks small from the outside but has a few rooms at the back along with a lovely little beer garden

    Garavans, Shop St.

    Dark, full of auld fellas but a great pint in peace and quiet

    Freeneys, Quay St.

    Nothing has changed in Freeneys since i started drinking there (and thats a while) Always a nice crowd, good craic and great Porter ;)

    Murphys, Quay St (Straight across from Freeneys)

    Another gem, the snug to the left as you go is great if you get a seat - staff can be abrupt but that adds to the charm...

    Quays, Quay St.

    An institution in Galway, frequented by tourists but im a fan on occasion - good trad music most nights but can get uncomfortably busy

    Taafes, Shop St.

    No trip to Galway is complete without a trip to Taafes - great little pub, Music most nights, great mixed crowd, great beer and lots of fun!!

    Tig Ceoli, Quay St. (Ish)

    Always busy, trad music most nights, almost always a group of American tourists nested somewhere within' Nice Pub but a bit touristy for my liking

    Dew Drop

    One of my absolute favourites - consistency is what this place is all about - great Guinness, nice staff, great craic with a cool smoking area for those inclined

    Living Room

    A popular spot that gets very busy at weekends - good cocktails :D but not one i would frequent alot!! If your down on a drinking weekend, you'll enjoy it..

    Front Door, Quay St., Cross St.

    A bit of a superpub - very busy most nights but jammed at the weekend with music blaring, people bunking off ya etc,... a bit of a meat market tbh but have had good nights there

    Busker Browns, Cross St.

    Large pub over 3 levels - not a place you'd head on a session to or settle down with a pint in the early afternoon, more a place that socialites meet for coffee or a bottle of Hein-o :rolleyes:

    Tig Neachtains, Cross St., Quay St

    Crusty pub :) nice to sit outside and watch the world pass by, good Guinness and great if you can get one of the booths inside or in the snug to the left

    Monroes, The Claddagh

    A personal favourite - great for a crowd. Does nice pizzas and theres always good craic.. A proper pub really..

    The Bierhaus, Dominick St.

    If your after foreign beers on a large scale - this is spot for you. It has a full menu of beers from across the globe - beware of the strong 8-9% beers or you'll be leaving after 4 or 5 (like i did :o)

    Roisin Dubh, Dominick St.

    A Galway Institution - live music most nights, comedy on the others - opened until 3am and what can only be described as a widely varied crowd ;)

  • Registered Users Posts: 738 ✭✭✭focus_mad

    Out in Malahide there's Gibneys, Duffys, Smyths, The Grand Hotel

    Good Sports Bar for the football,
    food is good (burgers are serious)
    its 5.35 for a pint of bulmers, about the same for larger
    Good size beer garden,
    Only problem is the majority of bar staff are SH1TE

    Cheap for a pint,
    Cozy atmosphere,
    Bit of an old mans pub though to be honest

    Food is brilliant
    Pints are good
    About 5.30 for a pint depending on what your drinking,
    Small smoking area

    The Grand Hotel:
    Food is good since new menu, Carvery is a good bet,
    Drinks are a bit pricey,
    Some of the staff are friendly,
    No proper smoking area.

  • Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 11,851 Mod ✭✭✭✭BeerNut

    Gibney's is one of the best Dublin pubs for wine, IMO. What really burns me up about the place is they have a high-quality beer off licence just up the street but don't sell any good beer in the pub. I mean, how hard would it be?

  • Registered Users Posts: 738 ✭✭✭focus_mad

    You'v a good point, It may not catch on but being to buy the cans in their offo and paying "corkage" and drinking them in the pub.. Only thing that does me head in with that place is the staff

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    :)Did any one check out this competition that the Lonely Planet Guides are running for the best bars in the world. Get in and vote for your favourite local.