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is there such thing as true love???



  • Originally posted by IRISHLILY24
    Exactly always have the perfect explanations ;)
    I am feeling much better about life and will say that while I agree with the corinthian that I do believe it is possible to love and spend your life with one person and for that love to be a true love...but I still hold that this love can be found with more than one person, there are so many of us out could it not.
    lalala happy days are here again lalala:p

    Wow. It's great that you can blast people for believing in being with one person. Then post a ridiculously happy smiley post saying how great love is. I thought it was "stupid" to spend your life with one person, no?

    Oh, sorry, I forgot, you've "been in the real world too long" and know better than anyone else.

    Thread stalker known as : koneko
    reads your posts where ever they may be, and immediatley follows with a negative response...takes the internet world too seriously, while spending too much time infront of the computer will tend to do this to one.
    Then there are people like me, who go out of there way to make comments they are sure will attract attention of these thread stalkers and then laughs as they get annoyed and put silly replies up for everyone to see, lol
    get a grip;)

  • Ironic. You take the time to write a lame reply like that. I just pointed out that you keep changing your opinion, and get upset with others. You get a grip. Let's drop this thread, it's going nowhere fast. Or slowly. Same thing I suppose really.

  • Warning: Mod in Bad mood. He is known as SheroN.
    Warning: Thread in Danger of being locked.

  • sorry sheron, was just making a point which went over someones head totally, lol..i agree that this thread has reached an end.

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