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    just to get this straight i'm not an ad. I was talkijng about it in another post but it didn't quite fit in there so here we go.

    On most of the guitars i've found there is quite a bit to be saved. Shippin for a guitar is $105 which is a bit costly but in a lot of cases you are saving a lot more than that. Its Ups Express so i guess its fairly quick. Oh and Jib heres that guitar i was tellin u about.

    Its brand new and is definitly an NJ series. The scratch and dent NJ Warlock u were talking about is actully $239.


  • I had a look at them when i was in the hunt for a guitar a few months back. They have excellent prices but remember a few things:

    Shipping for me was $106

    Non EU country = USA => VAT and customs duty totalling to around 24%

    Risky business if anything goes wrong.

    Good luck to you though if you are still daving.
    [edit]daving???wtf?? of course, i meant to say saving![/edit]

    Not advertising either but check out regent guitars

    They are in the UK so VAT wont be added on and shipping is cheaper.

  • Nice site, picked out a rather nice bass that i'd like but i'm young and the interest free stuff is confusing me so does anyone want to enlighten me on how there credit interest free credit scheme works ?

  • Jib! JIB!!!!!!!!!
    GIBLET *ahem*
    You have done well!

  • eh handy if not a bit illegal trick for importing stuff from the u.s.

    When filling out the delivery address before your name put 'Unsolicated gift' i think this works the same way say time magazine etc send out free watches and crap and they are based in the u.s. they couldnt have their customers paying vat now could they..

    actully the last thing i had ordered from the us i didnt do that i made it awkwerd for customs to charge me i refused to pay the vat by credit card..and then said 'ill pay you cash if you delivery it to an alternate address' anyways long story short they screwed up delivered it to the original address,i wasnt there,theycame back next day to the wrong address again and just dropped it this they ive been charged for no shipping or customs over it !

    eh not that id condone any of that kind of behaviour because irish import taxes are so fair on us poor feckers who get screwed daily by our wonderful gov ;)

  • I checked out that place. Even with all the shipping and VAT added on its still a lot cheaper on for a Nj Warlock. Would that unsoliciated gift thing work with a guitar? I don't see much magazeines giving out guitars

    Oh there is this other place that sell cheap guitars. They are German so that solves the VAT thing and shipping is some thing like 12 sterling


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