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good place to buy hi fi stuff



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    Slaphead07 wrote: »
    It's horrendous! I find (many of) their reviews are bloated and meandering as well but they are very influential.

    Since you brought up this thread I should point out I've since bought a pair of the Eist Dubh speakers and they are just incredible. :D

    HAHA what did they set you back ? I was thinking santa might be good to me this year :D

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    HAHA what did they set you back ? I was thinking santa might be good to me this year :D

    You'd have to talk to the lads directly about price... but take my word for it they are a bargain!


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    Hi folks Im hoping you can help me I've been looking for the above product for some time now searching the net and phoning shops but have had no luck ive even phones Philips but no luck there either any one know where I can buy a set of these speakers ?

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    Was looking for somewhere myself recently <Mod Snipped>

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    Without reading through this thread to see if they've been mentioned already....I've had one very good (albeit small scale) experience with HiFiHut


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    hi all.
    hope this topic is still open / live.

    i have separates . onkyo amp . onkyo am/fm tuner . onkyo cd player . sony double cd payer with 1 side record-able.

    had it for about 7yrs from new.

    1 of best friends as separates,
    akai turn-table , akai amp . akai am/fm tuner . akai tape deck . sony cd player.

    the akai equipment is around 1976 he's had from new & used daily, he's had loads of speakers. at moment using jvc 160wats total 3way.

    his amp went down & needed replacement about 2yr ago, he got a denon (new).
    lately his tuner as gone down now & needs replacement, but ive looked all over the net & the prices are really high, & there's only a few.

    does any one no were i / he could pick 1 up from at decent cost.?

    he's stuff is silver / alloy.

    whats the difference between dab --rds --?
    is there another unit instead of a tuner for radio.?

    can i / he get a bluetooth connector for the amp & then get a bluetooth radio to connect to the amp then in turn being able to listen to the radio via the main hifi.

    ive looked though most / nearly all the links on this site now & a lot of them are closed down.

    any idea's please.

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