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Previews on 6th October

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    Cineworld (UGC) have previews of Serenity on the Thursday before opening, if anyone is interested in going a day early.

    because I have absolutely no patience, I have my tickets already :D


  • I wonder if the IMC in Dun Laoghaire has them.. Only place I'd be able to get to. Their site is crap, so I can't tell. :rolleyes:

  • Fantastic. Just booked mine. And I could use the unlimited card. Hmm, maybe I should book for Fri, sat and sun too ;)

  • But if you use the unlimited card, the movie doesn't make money off your tickets.. :(

  • No Daelus, they still get money. It's the same as when concession tickets are sold - the cinema pass tickets are marked €4.50 (or thereabouts). If the arrangement is for the studio to receive 90% of the box office, they will receive 90% of the face value of Fence's ticket.
    Besides, Fence and I already shelled out a few credits for the preview screening. And because unlimited cards allow us to go to see Serenity as many times as we want (even to every screening if we want!), we'll be seeing it several times (which we mightn't be able to afford to do otherwise). So lots of money goes to the studio!

  • Oh, well that's pretty good then! Must get me one of those..

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  • Daelus wrote:
    Oh, well that's pretty good then! Must get me one of those..

    :D I got mine when they first came out about 6 years ago. It is definitely the best thing I have ever spent money on. You can even use it abroad - I've been to the cinema in Paris with it when I was on holidays and I used it in the UGC in Edinburgh the year I lived there. Of course, it was a lot easier to use when I lived five minutes from Parnell Street instead of in Drogheda, but still! ;)

    It also means you don't have to be too choosy about what you see in the cinema - you can broaden your horizons by going to see stuff you might not consider seeing if you had to pay full whack for it. And if you make the mistake of going to see something dire, you can console yourself with the thought that it didn't cost you any money!