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Help for first years

  • 27-08-2005 5:42am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 271 ✭✭ Lynibeth


    I'm going to be starting my 1st year in chemical and pharm sciences.
    I read the post about registration and have a stupid question, can I bring somebody i.e. a friend or my bf in with me on the day of registration?
    Stupid I know but I'm pretty nervous.
    How do I find out about fees and when are they normally paid??
    Oh and what's the deal with a certain "freshers ball"?

    Jeez... Dunno what else.. Had a ton of questions a minute ago... lol

    Well thank you everyone :)


  • All the thousands of ppl registering won't know anyone else there either, and it's a good place to talk to new people from your class in the queues. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to bring a friend though.

  • Yeah, honestly, they will have people from DCU there to direct you where you need to go and you will make friends with lots of people on your travels! You can bring someone but its much more worth your while to go alone, and make friends.

    Orientation week is great fun tbh. :)

  • Yea, its all fun and games, and the best way to meet ppl out of your course!

    i know i was really shy going into college the first time, but it turned out GREAT!

    and just remember- EVERYONE is new there, and they all want someone to hold onto, so why not just huddle up with the other newbies. :)

    and as jesjes said, thers loads of ppl runing around telling you where to go or bring you somewhere if needs be. Me for example will be one of them.
    so dont worry, just enjoy the new experience that there is called


  • Ah i'll bring my bf, He lives out in the area anyway so there's no problem with it. I'd rather he'd be there with me lol Can still make friends!

    Thanks for the replies