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Aoibheann Brady 2004/2005

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    Ok, this feels pretty weird, getting my own thread and stuff. But hey, I'll post anyways.

    As the name would suggest, I am indeed Aoibheann Brady. Unfortunately, I only got 2 years at CTYI, but 2 years is a lot better than none, or just the one. So, the details.

    2004, Session 2, Legal Studies

    My first year. I was a commuter, so I'd say I wasn't known too well by many people, though whenever anyone found out I was a commuter, they were always surprised. I guess that's what happens when you stay til 10pm every night. And no, I did not commute from Cavan, I get asked that too much! I played cards a lot, also uni-hoc(HELL YEAH!). Oh yeah, and Legal Studies was brilliant. Very interesting discussions. Anyone would love the class, dooooo it! :)

    * * * * *

    Went to a hell of a lot of reunions between then and July '05, especially after Christmas, but they weren't reunions as such, just a group of us meeting regularly.

    * * * * *

    2005, Session 2, Speculative Fiction Writing

    My second and final year. Residential, yay and such! SpecFicWri was a legendary class. We got a lot done considering that it was so much fun. It was great to actually start a novel, and I will continue it. Hrmm, what did I do this year that was anyway notable? Well, you may know me from repeatedly hugging you. I hugged a lot. Or perhaps always having lollipops. Damn, this year got me addicted to the fizzy cola and apple ones. Yum. I was also the one who had cookies, and now I may have your soul. Good times. My quote-book was brilliant, oh yes. *nods*. I was part of Róisín's, RA fantastic, RA group. We did Funky Town(ahh, the funky chicken and thriller dance) at the Karaoke, and we sang a combination of 3 songs and then the hand-jive at the Talent Show. And there was Róisín day. I may have acquired pirate tendencies towards the end(blame Ronan and Jack) and shouted 'Daaaave' quite a bit, again blame the guys in the class. And then, I hugged people some more. Also said 'yer ma' waaay too much.

    * * * * *
    And that's about it. I'll see most of you lot at a reunion or thousand anyway.


    Edit: Contact details are in my profile. :)