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Eye Watch 2

  • 08-08-2005 1:18pm
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    okay i posted something about this some time ago but seeing as practically everyone who attended the boxing match in corrie got a black eye,
    lets see how long they last in comparison to shelly's marathon shiner which she only got from bumping into a door...


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    from what i could see on monday Freds black eye had disappeared completely (after about 4 days)but craig charles still had remenants of one .

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    I said it before and I'll say it again.....

    SOAPS = Fiction i.e. not real!!!!!

    Get over it and stop dwelling on it!!!

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    Im takin the piss !!! dont mind me but for what its worth everyone involved in the scrap is completley healed after 5 days.
    incedentally people always go on about how "true to life soaps" are & it never really struck me until my mothers new fiance tried to convince me i was losing my mind & murdered several of my neighbors & his ex wife.