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A few simple reminders.....

  • 25-07-2005 12:03pm
    Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 10,340 LoLth

    Try not to make multiples of the same subject. there is no prize for being a thread starter. For example we now have 6 harry potter threads.

    Thread titles:
    Keep them to the point. I know it's tempting to be all witty and stuff but lets face it, not every reader is going to get it.

    anyone posting a thread with a spoiler in the thread title gets an instant ban, no appeal. Think before you post something.

    Threads that are for the discussion of a book or series by people who have READ the book/series should have the word SPOILERS clearly marked in the title. If you read a thread which is marked, dont go sending me reports on how your book was ruined. A little bit of responsibility on both the poster's and the readers behalf is calle dfor I think.

    try to keep the thread on topic as much as possible. Of course discussions are going to ramble a bit but deliberate thread hijacking will be deleted. Repeat performances will be a banning from literature for two weeks. again no appeal.

    Spoiler tags:

    You have no idea how time consuming it is going through threads to edit posts to add spoiler tags. From now on, I'm just going to delete posts that spoil.

    Use common sense. If you think that what you are posting could give away an important point in the book to someone who hasnt read it yet then use a spoiler tag. If in doubt, use one anyway. better safe than deleted :)

    I havent read every book there is so I cant always judge what is and is not a spoiler. Please, if you want to let me know of a spoiler, feel free to PM me or report the post. DO NOT mail me and rant at how I've ruined your enjoyment. Next person to do that gets banned. permanently.

    sorry to be a bit heavy handed with this but I'm not going to take personal abuse from people over an issue that a. I know nothing about and b. happens while I'm not even online.