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  • 19-02-1999 9:41am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 483 ✭✭ Helv

    Roight, i'm having a bit of a problem installing a mitsumi cd-rw. I'm getting a windows protection error and i can only boot up in safe mode. I've been told that it could have something to do with the mouse, IRQ's and sh!t like that, so instead of buying a serial mouse could any1 give me a hand.


  • Go in to your Control Panel, choose System and Device Manager. Either your mouse or CD-RW should have a yellow exclamation mark icon beside it.

    Try changing the interrupt for one or the other of these by choosing the device, clicking on Properties and then Resources. If you turn off the "Automatically Assign Settings" box, you should be able to change the interrupt value from the one that is conflicting with the other device. They are probably both set to 11 or something.


  • Try d/l the latest drivers for your drive as I had problems installing mine and the new drivers sorted it out.