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The Legends of Boards Charter

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    Charter - Please Read Carefully Before Posting
    No insulting, condenscending or generally being nasty to other users on this board.

    No posting unrelated to the thread in question (straying is ok just don't go too far).

    No posting of pornography, warez, copyrighted mp3s, and other illegal and unrelated material.

    Anyone who repeatedly posts the same or similar topics will have all threads deleted and the user banned.

    Outbursts of personal abuse/racism etc, be it directed at other board members will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to edit/move/delete such posts as we see fit.

    Self-nomination is not permitted. Any such threads will be locked and offenders banned.*

    If you continually break these rules, it will result in you being banned from the board.

    If you have any questions at all, PM us.

    *And will be on the end of a good spanking.

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