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psp mod


  • It come region free from the factory so unless there is other software/hardware that stops backups or home brewed there may be no need.

  • no, only sony can make those umds.
    unless some one hacks it so people can use their memory cards to load games, doubtfull !

  • Its already possible to launch games and programs from the mem stick. There's just two problems, no one can read the info off the UMD games and they probably need to be digitaly signed for them to run off the mem stick.

  • Doubtless a hacked PSP will let them just use the system to read off the info, then all they need to do is convince PSPs everywhere that the game file on the Media used is in fact a UMD. But what media will be used, will they have the large capacity Mem Sticks needed? Will we wait for a compact hard drive or mini dvd drive to play game images. One thing for sure, it'll never be as easy as the DC again!