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Those short of the required 520 prsi stamps

  • 19-02-2024 11:05am
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    Hi, is there anyone else on the forum that is below the required 520. stamps needed for the contributory Pension. My wife was born in 1956 and when the new law stated people who work after 66 would be allowed to earn a prsi stamp she was delighted because she could make up the deficit and not have to be means tested. However we have subsequently found out that only people from 1958 could apply for this. So my point is if she was born in 1955 she would easily have had the required 260 stamps, how is it fair on anyone born between 1956 and 1958 to treated different.

    Surely there are others on this forum that feel the same ???. Why should revenue be entitled to means test people for not being willing to work to accumulate stamps because of the year they were born. I have sent messages to my local representatives and I am still awaiting a reply


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,162 ✭✭✭Wyldwood

    She should contact the Dept of Social Welfare as she may be entitled to a pro-rata pension if she has enough contributions over the years she worked. I know they changed the rules but it's worth asking.

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    ok thank you for that, but really I am trying to highlight what I perceive to be a form of age discrimination ??

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    There is always a cut-off point when a reform is made. Is has nothing to do with age or discrimination. Until 2012 folks got a contributory pension- or at least a part pension with 260 contributions. Since then you need 520 contributions to qualify for at least a part pension. That means it started for the age group 1947. Your wife-born in 1955 ( or 1956- you give us two different years)- would have NOT qualified with her 260 contributions in 2021 when she reached pension age. She was already short in the minimum requirement at that time.

    The new law allows people to defer their pension by up to the age of 70 and allows them to accumulate more PRSI contributions that way. This is in force since the 1st of January, 2024- means it is only for folks born 1958 or later. Those folks will also get a higher pension- depending on the number of years they choose to defer their pension.

    I suppose that your wife is already on a NC pension since she is well over pension age. I doubt that your wife would have been able to make it to the 520 contribution line if SW would theoretically allow her to work- she would have not enough time left- the new cut off point is an age of 70 years. She would be still under 520 contributions.

    By the way- it is not Irish Revenue which does the means test for the non contributory pension.

    The public representatives you contacted won't be able to do a thing for your wife.

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    why not it was public representatives that brought in the new law ??? Oh and I did say she was born in 1956, but thanks for explaining

  • Registered Users Posts: 2 rumtar

    I was receiving 170 contributory pension but it stopped lad year ad they now say it wad added wrong so now 37 weeks short.because I have a work pension i don't qualify for non contributary so left with nothing. Have appealed it gone to Ted's everything but no good.i was born in 1955. Just wrong

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