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Canceling interview on short notice - is it okay?

  • 29-08-2023 8:08am
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    I have a job interview in a few hours but just realized I am unfit for work. I applied for this job before being diagnosed with gallstones, I get severe pains in the abdomen that last from 5-7 am until late morning/early afternoon. They come randomly, I have to eat very light to avoid it. It's a 10 month wait even on the 'urgent' waiting list to get the gallbladder removed which I am waiting for now.

    I thought I was managing the condition by eating small meals as I hadn't had an attack in nearly 3 weeks. But I was woken up with the pain 6 am this morning. Not as bad as some other attacks. But almost like my gallbladder reminding me: I'm still a problem.

    My interview is at 10.30. Is it bad form to cancel and explain the situation over the phone (what time should I call?)

    Or should I still turn up (even though I have no intention of taking the job)? The pain will likely have started to subside by that time, I could possibly still attend and if offered the job I could explain at that point. But is that just wasting the interviewers time?(he's also the owner of the shop).


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    If the pain isn't as bad as other attacks and will likely to have subsided by your interview time (your words).... then it seems you are just looking for an excuse as you have no intention of taking the job anyway (again your words). Its wasting the interviewers time interviewing you if you have no intention of taking the job.

    If you cancel an appointment for a job interview (particularly on health grounds) I'd say you wouldn't be No. 1 choice for the job anyway.

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    The other option is, I'm thinking possibly if the job was only 2 or 3 days maybe I could handle it as I tend to only have 1 attack per week i have had 2 in a week before but not often so 2 days per week it might be okay, and I think they may offer both part time and full time, tho I did say I had applied for full time. I could go to the interview then and still talk to the owner if I still thought part time would be okay.

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    OP. If you have no intention of taking the job, just call and cancel the interview.

    You don't need to give any reason. Just something like

    " Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances, I cannot attend. Thanks for the opportunity to interview for the position, and apologies for the late cancellation."

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    I'm not looking for an excuse I am asking for advice. It's a legitimate health issue, look up where gallstones pain is on the pain index. I want to be working. I thought I can manage this, not so sure now. I'm aware it's my words thanks for your assessment of my candidacy also very helpful.

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    You're now talking like you've got a job offer before even interviewing 😂

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    Its wasting the interviewers time interviewing you if you have no intention of taking the job.

    Its also a pre-existing health issue so they will expect full disclosure for even a part time job

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    Seems a waste of everyone’s time, call, cancel, move on.

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    OP I interview regularly and it's no issue to cancel. Rather have someone cancel than just not turn up.

    If you werent going to take the job if it was offered to you don't waste the panels time.. cancel it.

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    Don't feel under any obligation about "wasting" an interviewers time! If they're that busy, they'll find some other tasks to accomplish.

    Just be polite and let them know you won't be making the interview. I'd imagine it's a regular thing if that's their full time job.

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    As other posters have said don't waste their time cancel.

    Good luck with the gallbladder, on a side note I had acute pancreatitis...eventually linked to gallbladder, which I had removed about 6 weeks after coming out of hospital. Surprised the wait is so long, I do have health insurance not sure if that makes a difference.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 11,380 ✭✭✭✭the_amazing_raisin

    As others have said, it's better to cancel, particularly if you're not planning to take the job

    I think you need to take a step back and be realistic about what kind of work you can do.

    It sounds like manual labour might be off the table given the pain levels you're suffering

    Have you any qualifications that could get you a desk job? Or could you go and do some further education?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 513 ✭✭✭The DayDream

    Thanks, I did have a think about it and luckily felt better by around 9, but I still thought full time would be too much for me while dealing with this, so I went to the interview and they said a 3 day week would be possible. I make artwork so I just said I wanted to keep time for that, I didn't mention the gallbladder because I don't anticipate it making me miss work as long as I only have 3 days a week.

    It's working in a shop so while you would be lifting some stuff it wouldn't be that heavy. And the hours of the shift are not when i get the pain attacks since it isn't early starts it is afternoon to close. I was more worried about if I hadn't slept after enduring an attack, they take a lot out of you. So 5 days would be too much if that occurred. But if I am successful I will try it and see how I get on. I really think 3 days per week I could manage.

    I actually do have a 3rd level qualification but it isn't the kind of degree that has many jobs and it's a small rural town so the kinds of jobs that exist in that field aren't going to exist around here, either. I don't have a car either I just finished my 12 lessons waiting on the test. So I'm limited to places in walking distance for now because public transport to the next towns over doesn't even get there til after 10 and there's only one late bus. Really the last thing I needed was a health issue on top of all the other barriers but I think part time would suit me okay and the boss seemed while sound so I am hopeful. I'd rather be working because being totally out of work is kinda depressing and I'm actually a good worker just caught in bad circumstances.

  • Registered Users Posts: 513 ✭✭✭The DayDream

    Dang it. 4 am and I am woken up with the pain once again, quite sore like being stabbed in the ribs. Now I feel I would have to turn down the job if offered which is very frustrating and also that I wasted the man's time which I didn't want to do. Also I don't see how I can live like this for 10 months in pain all the time at night.

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    I had gallstones. The pain is bad but you know the triggers. Manage your diet and you won’t have any pain while you wait. Remove animal products, especially fats, from what you eat. Go Temporary vegan.

    Im sure you doctor told you this.

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    Yes, I had been eating low fat foods and very small meals and I didn't have any attacks for 2 weeks which is why I went to the interview, I thought I could control it.

    Yesterday I had a bagel and hummus for dinner and somehow that set it off. I had eaten bagel before no problems I guess hummus is a trigger food too. It was 9 am before the pain went away and I spent most of that 4 hours writhing on the floor, walking in circles or rocking back and forth in the fetal position to try and distract myseld because pain was excruciating, you can't find a comfortable position so you feel like moving but you're also crippled with this pain, it goes all the way into my spine also and puts a knot in my back along with what feels like an alien trying to punch his way out of my right ribcage.

    These attacks take a lot out of you. I had to sleep all day and I am still aware of a stiffness and tenderness in the location of the gallbladder. If I had an attack I would not be able to work the next day and apparently I can get one any time. This is frustrating, but I will have to wait until I get this thing out before I start a job.

    Apparently if I go private I could have it done within weeks across the border, initial consultation 227 gbp the surgery 8,145 gbp but I don't have 11k in euro lying in the account right now, closer to 11 euro! And now I can't work, this sucks.

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    Could you get a loan perhaps? Or maybe do a bit of medical tourism elsewhere for less money?

    I know going into debt is a bad plan, but if it enables you to earn an income then it might be your only option

    You mentioned having a degree earlier, is it possible you could work remotely? Might be a lot easier to manage the pain if you don't have to deal with the commute, and maybe you'll get lucky and land a job that includes health insurance

    "The internet never fails to misremember" - Sebastian Ruiz, aka Frost