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Insurance Company Discount Codes

  • 24-08-2023 11:57am
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    Hopefully these codes will help Boardsies save a few €€€

    123 Car Insurance valid till 31/12/23

    €50 off

    Code: SAVE50

    Zurich Car/Home Insurance

    10% off



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    Thanks OP, Just a small tips for 123 Car Insurance - I changed job titles from A to B between two quotes , save €40.00, can not believe it.

    Lower risk job titles for car insurance often fall under categories that are associated with stability, responsibility, and lower likelihood of risky behavior. Insurance companies use these categories to determine insurance premiums. Here are some job titles that are generally considered lower risk for car insurance:

    1. Accountant: Professions in finance and accounting are often seen as responsible and stable, which can result in lower insurance premiums.
    2. Librarian: Jobs in education and library sciences are considered low-risk as they are associated with a stable and sedentary lifestyle.
    3. Nurse: Healthcare professionals, such as nurses, are generally seen as responsible individuals with lower risk profiles.
    4. Engineer: Engineering jobs involve attention to detail and analytical skills, qualities that are often associated with lower risk driving behavior.
    5. Teacher: Educators have stable schedules and are often considered lower risk due to their responsible and cautious nature.
    6. Scientist: Scientific professions are generally seen as responsible and less likely to engage in risky driving behavior.
    7. IT Professional: Jobs in information technology require attention to detail and responsibility, making them potentially lower risk.
    8. Architect: Architectural work involves precision and attention to detail, qualities that can translate into responsible driving habits.
    9. Account Manager: Account management roles often involve client interactions and responsibility, contributing to a perception of lower risk.
    10. Writer/Editor: Jobs in writing and editing are typically sedentary and associated with responsible behavior.
    11. Researcher: Research-based professions often require concentration and careful thinking, qualities that can extend to driving habits.
    12. Pharmacist: Healthcare-related jobs like pharmacists are generally considered lower risk due to their professional and cautious nature.
    13. Graphic Designer: Creative professionals like graphic designers usually have stable work schedules and are seen as responsible.
    14. Translator: Translation work is often done independently and requires attention to detail, contributing to a perception of lower risk.
    15. Counselor: Counseling professions are associated with responsibility and empathy, qualities that can be indicative of lower risk driving behavior.

    Remember that while these job titles are generally considered lower risk, insurance companies may have their own specific criteria and rating factors that they use to determine premiums. It's a good idea to reach out to your insurance provider directly to discuss how your job title might impact your insurance rates.

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    3ZURMOTOR - up to 2 months off Zurich car insurance and up to 5% off if you have another Zurich policy.

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    Could you use the save50 on phone or just online? Thks

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