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Ryanair 10kg Checked in bag (not cabin bag) - how strict are they?

  • 19-07-2023 9:13pm
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    Booked the Ryanair Family Plus for the upcoming holidays and only noticed when printing off the boarding passes that there seems to be a restriction on the size of the 10kg checked in bags. Just to be clear I'm referring to a bag that will be checked in rather than taken on board. Their baggage policy makes no mention of a dimension restriction for the 10kg bag, just a weight whereas the max for the 20kg is 81cm x 120cm x 120cm. When I checked in I noticed that they referred to the 10kg bag needing to be within the dimensions for what seemed to be the carry on bag i.e. 55cm x 40cm x 20cm............didn't see this when I was booking (and I don't think it was mentioned tbh). Problem is I have a medium sized hard suitcase that will weight less than the 10kg that I will check in i.e. not carry on board but the dimensions are larger than the 10kg. My question is whether anyone has travelled on Ryanaiy and checked in a 10kg bag larger than the dimensions or if anyone has had anything other than the weight checked (unless it was some strangely enormous but light bag.....). If this was any airline other than Ryanair I wouldnt even ask as I'd be sure of a sensible enforecement, however when it comes to Michael O'Leary I'd never be certain......



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    Last time I flew they just weighed it on the belt. Didn't check dimensions or even look at it.

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    When I went to BRU a couple days ago with my 20kg luggage they also only weighted it, no measurements were taken. Granted, that was during peak hours, but I don't think they'd be too strict on them. I'd say you're fine

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    Unless you are outside the size for standard check on it wont be an issue. 81cm x 120cm x 120cm.

    Even above that size, they will still take it, but there is a fee or oversize as it needs to be manually transported as opposed the conveyor. Think surfboard, golfclubs etc

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,500 ✭✭✭John.G

    Only once did I see the 10kg bag dimensions being checked in the "box", the person at the check in came out from behind the desk and checked it, it did fit, I travel with R.air at least 4 times per year for years and always check in the 10kg bags to the hold but have never been measured up. However on a few occasions in Alicante where you have one queue, I have seen R.air staff (monitoring the queue) directing people (with carry on bags) back to the check in.

    I might be wrong but I think they show the checked in bag dimensions on your boarding pass?.

    Yes, its on the boarding pass, excuse upside down view, but I think you noted that in your post.

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    Thanks - I'll be checking this 10kg bag in - as far as I could see on the website baggage section and on the boarding pass the only time dimensions are mentioned are in relation to cabin bags which this isn' does however mention it on the check in process. You'd have to specifically look for it tbh and even then know what you're looking for. I intend to try to check it in and we'll see what happens, according to the website if you have (say) 2 x 20kg bag allowance you can pool them for weight purposes (one 15kg one 25kg) so not sure how they could justify charging me more when I have allowance for 5 x 10kg checked in bags and 1 x 20kg bags and will just be checking in 1 x 20kg and 2 x 10kg..........but then it's Ryanair!

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    I also noticed the physical size limit on "free" check in bag. My concern may be a helpful staff member that helps you to check in the bag and show you how to put it on the belt. These people are always hovering around and may take an interest in your oversize bag. Also once you bring it there, you need to bring it back, so double the risk of getting caught. Depending on the airport on the other side the rules may be enforced differently.

    Also 10kG is very little and it's definitely weighted at the automated machine and again on the belt.

    If you pay for an additional bag then small size rules don't seem to apply.